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I would describe my own feelings on the game as less hateful and more disappointed with a languishing resolve to care any longer about the series, settling on stark indifference to any future instalments. It's just not a very interesting game and doesn't present enough of what I have come to know and love about Final Fantasy.

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Resident Evil 2, I was round a friend's house and we were both playing it for the first time. Within a short time we had made it to the police station and to our first encounter with a 'Licker'. We were both 11 at the time. Resident evil 2 was so unnerving to me, it solidified my love of horror as it pertains to video games and still being great friends with the guy it's a memory we share to this day, relived and revived through the playing of many other horror games and iterations within the resident evil series. Whenever I hear that music from the main hall I'm back there either playing or offering advice, gesturing for him move Leon or Claire in our direction.

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Listened to Ryan and the guys through many a difficult time, when you're in a position with no control and no options it was really a bastion of tranquility on commutes or while working to just realign oneself by listening to likeminded people with a similar sense of humour occasionally talk about video games among other more pressing issues. A friend of mine pointed out it's been something like seven years.

I love all you guys, you honestly make the world a better place and possess some real insights beyond being incredibly entertaining. I'm going to listen to this latest podcast now, my thoughts are with Ryan's family and the guys and really the whole GB community. Every time I visit the site or even read about video games, and I'm sure I won't be alone in this, I'll think of Ryan, his loved ones and miss him. He was a complete gentleman for a modern time.

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Is it just me or have the character designs for his close pals changed from those early trailers?

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@charlee_coco: I wouldn't say that's entirely true. From what I understood and have seen is that Square indeed maintain a mantra of creating unique stories with each instalment including new heroes and villains (ignoring the direct sequels in comparatively recent years) but have in fact created ties to previous games with familiar elements such as story themes, enemy types, summons and magic to name a few. The stories for example have centred around a crystal of some form in nearly every instalment. With so many similarities concerning the design I would certainly say Final Fantasy has/had a feeling.

Personally I haven't truly loved an FF game since 9. This in turn looks like it would be worth playing but I worry the Final Fantasy game I want to play just isn't a possibility considering how games and the industry have progressed.

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@fengshuigod: I think you make an interesting point, it does really come down to what you feel you've taken from any experience and any time you have spent on any activity. I always remember it used to be common in films and books (influenced by the concept of putting away childish things no doubt) where a father, mother or teacher etc would berate a child for reading those 'silly stories' usually referring to fantastical novels. I would imagine many parents would be very enthusiastic to have their child have an interest in reading, the content secondary simply to the act.

This is why many people are bored of the lack of imagination in some of the larger titles, not only have we paid for this game before we have experienced it countless times over. The less said about the likes of farmville the better.

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@marcsman: It's commenting on time spent in general and in fact talks about the actual feelings of real people on death's door. You'll be pleased to hear none of them involved video games, books or any other form of entertainment which is quite key to the talk.

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Not too long ago I saw a TEDTalks Video on Netflix (UK) the video is also available on their official website here:


This talk thematically touches on many different aspects of life and living as they relate to games in general but what made me want to share it with the GiantBomb community was the broached notion that video games can be something we might regret the time we spent on later in life. I remember occasionally having these thoughts when I was younger, though they have faded with the realisation of what I had learnt and gained in my experiences with games as my life has progressed. Being a game designer Jane McGonigal is pro games and I found the talk to be great food for thought and something definitely worth sharing with you all should you not have seen it.

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I think it's intelligently priced and really adds value to owning a Sony games console.