Eder's Top 10 Worst games I have right now (Part 1)

I don't have that many games in my collection but man I've made a few mistakes. I tend to take a visit to the bargain bin to see if I can find some gems here and there. But it's just like digging in the dumpster, you find a lot of junk. I'll try to make this in some kind of order but the only one in this top 10 that has any kind of rank is #1. Here we go.

#10: Shadow the Hedgehog (XBOX)

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After Sonic Heroes it was clear that Shadow was here to stay (sadly). I'm a big Sonic fan and man this game we all knew was gonna be full of suck. Shadow as a character in Sonic Adventure 2 was great, he had an ok story and it ended well with him dead at the end and saving the world after he became friends with the good guys. The part where things went bad is that he somehow got popular with the kids and so Sega I guess thought: "Shadow = Money! Let's do this!".  So as a result of all this we got this crappy game. The controls are exactly like Shadow in Sonic Heroes, and he has guns as you can see on the box. Why the hell would you need guns in a Sonic game and playing as a copy of Sonic? Aren't they supposed to be faster than that? This game has all the bad things you can think of in 3D Sonic games, bad camera, bad dialog, bad story and bad in-game videos. The only good thing here is the music, theres even a track done by Powerman 5000. Another good thing I guess are the CG videos, they look really good. Oh man and the different endings are soooo dumb, you get to go bad or good in every mission and that leads to a LOT of useless endings since theres a final one that ends up being the real one. The game also had the stupid promise of telling the whole story to Shadow and his origins. That ends up being completely useless since they did that already in SA2. Oh god just don't play this game, maybe if you wanna laugh at it and see of for 5 bucks or less.

#9: Biker Mice From Mars (PS2)

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Dear god I loved the cartoon as a kid so when I saw this game I totaly got it. But as I played this game I noticed that the story was all changed, the bad guys where these cats and gone were the other cool ones from the show. Sadly it turns out this game is based on a remake of the show that I can no idea existed. The game is barely playable and the cutscenes my god are so funny and not in a good way. It's something I can't really explain and everyone must see. The other game of the cartoon on the SNES was pretty good, an isometric racer with cool upgrades and weapons. This game has a similar upgrade system but just feels very bland and it's just really boring. This game is really a surprise, it's not even listed here on GB. The graphics are also super bad, everything is blocky. A clear example of a quick buck being made of a once good cartoon. 

I'm getting lazzy and gotta go. I'll finish this up later.