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Bioshock was memorably disappointing and cheap. 
But, yeah, Shadow of the Colossus and HL2: Episode 2 were the most moved I've ever been. Not very original choices, but they're well liked for a reason.

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@Vinchenzo: High five for the "Rocket Man" achievement. Fuck that gnome.
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Well, Kojima's big announcement better not be "Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops 2"

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Delta_Ass said:
Cole never learned how to swim. So, he drowns.

But, yeah, I agree. There doesn't appear to be a valid reason for dying in water.
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Definitely picking up SMT: Devil Survivor and I'm pretty interested in Starfy as well.

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Amazon is currently listing the game for an August 24th release and is claiming: "three times the voiced dialogue and movies of its predecessor." This has not been confirmed by NoA, but this all seems pretty legit to me. The original did sell over half a million copies.

[Via Kotaku]
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AHHHH. Dude I am so jealous. You better see Bon Iver.

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Harding is alright. But Arthur, Chester A. Arthur. That's where it's at. I've been reppin' for that guy since before it was cool.

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Kenshin said:
"Star Fox Adventures was pretty awesome.... am I the only one who thinks that?  Oh well....
I liked it a lot as well. This may be on account of me never playing the older SA games along with any of the 3d Zeldas at that time XD
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Why are you asking for sequels to games you have never played?