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Nice blog :D

It took me about three months to finish Persona 4, something like 100 hours I think. I really enjoyed the whole thing and have now gotten into Persona 3 FES which I'm finding to be a fantastic game as well. Personally though, the character depth in P4 is astounding. All the core characters, and several secondary ones as well, are well thought out and come off as really human. FES is good too, but not nearly up the bar that P4 has set.

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Yeah, I've heard great things about Jeanne D'Arc. I'd recommend it if you can find it.

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OH NOES, its 6:30ish now. I'm excited. Although now I'm hoping for something other than MGS4 for 360. ZOE3 would be awesome.

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BoG said:
"Cloneslayer said:
"Hey, if MGS could make it on the Gamecube, then MGS4 can come to the 360"
... that's a non sequitur right there. What?
He must be sarcastic. I mean, he just has to be. (Please?)
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I'm going to go ahead and believe you on this one. I don't why, but I will.

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inkeiren said:
"Edgar said:
"inkeiren said:
"Interesting, but it does seem to pull a lot of influence from echochrome. Maybe a bit too much."
Dude. Super Paper Mario."
Undeniably Super Paper Mario is an influence on this. Shifting from 2D to 3D is a great concept. I also feel Echocrhome was an influence.I see where you're coming from, but, correct me if I'm wrong,in Super Paper Mario, obstacles or enemies were usually the reason for shifting perspective (with a few exceptions), rather than flat drops into empty space/platforming challenges as displayed in Fez and Echochrome. Also, In Super Paper Mario, you basically could switch from 2D to 3D. In Fez and Echochrome, once you change your camera angle you are back in 2D. In Fez and Echochrome, you are only in 3D for that split second that you are actively changing the camera angle.I know that was oddly worded, it's late where I am.I could be completely wrong. Just my two cents."
Sir, you make very good points. I apologize if I came off as a little blunt, you have proven your point well.
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inkeiren said:
"Interesting, but it does seem to pull a lot of influence from echochrome. Maybe a bit too much."
Dude. Super Paper Mario.
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I'm pretty inconsistent when it comes to platformers, especially 2d(ish) ones like this. But I won't deny the quality that is present in this one. Comeandtakealooksee. :D OH and its definitely coming out on some sort of gaming platform in the near future.

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jOn0 said:
"I think Rockstar just wanted the death of Ling so early in the game to represent how 'destructive' Liberty City is"
I don't know man. I've been there three times now, its destructiveness has been well represented thus far.
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Shouldn't it, um, be more offensive to shoot virtual people? I-I just can't understand how someone can be outraged over shooting a dog in a video game but have no qualms over shooting a person.