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Endogene said:
"RedSox8933 said:
"It didn't really matter to me, when she died I kind of laughed because it was so sudden. I wasn't expecting it to happen so I chuckled."
Exact same. "
Meh. I guess I was just hoping for someone like Brucie or Little Jacob.
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Al3xand3r said:
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I understand the impact it made, and really I wasn't surprised, but I wish that Chinatown Wars hadn't killed Ling so soon into the game. Really, Huang was pretty much totally alone throughout the game. Didn't really have any friends, everyone just kinda used him for their own means. It would have been nice to have just one somewhat friendly character on the side. You could argue that the cop was kind of on his side but I think he was just using Huang, and Chan was just a creep. Eh, whatever. What do you guys think?
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RedSox8933 said:
"Dude, please..."

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RichardLOlson said:
"Wow Same and Max is a really gay game...and you should have came up with a better way to get rid of the games......
You really shouldn't trail off at the end of your sentences like that Richie. It's just bad manners.
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DJ_Lae said:
"If you're going to play it, play it before 4. If you play 4 first, don't even bother with the third game as it's clunkier in comparison."
Eh, I'm playing Persona 3 FES for the first time after beating Persona 4 and so far it's a blast. The combat is slightly different but, really, if you enjoyed P4 I see no reason why you shouldn't pick up FES.
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Br3adfan said:
"For those of you who do not know of the Westboro Baptist Church, they are the group behind the website God Hates Fags.  They have been known to protest high schools such as my own, as well as the funerals of fallen US soldiers.  The WBC travels around the country protesting such things and uses methods such as chanting songs with the lyrics changed to hateful slurs and offensive sayings and even tieing US flags to their feet to disrespect the people around them.As for the reason to why they are protesting my high school the drama group is putting on a play about a gay college student who was kidnapped, tied to a post, and beaten to death for his lifestyle.  The play itself is not biased in any way, it shows the effects of this murder on the local community and shows how hate can ruin lives.  The WBC seems to think that this play should not be performed and claims that it supports the homosexual lifestlye.Being a senior I have never been to a drama performance, but instead of planning a counter-protest the whole school plans to sell out the show every night in order to shove it in the faces of the Westboro Baptist followers.  It is just sad to see that hate such as this still goes on today and especially at a place such as a high school.  Their protests are supposed to take place later this week, so I am interested to see how things play out."
The Laramie Project is the play you're referring to.
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ITS PIKACHU. PICKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would honestly pay extra for this kind of box art.

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