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Fantastic article, really good read.

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@sins_of_mosin: It being ready to download on day 1 or being on the disc are two different things. Developers have been known to wrap up the game and immediately start work on the DLC, by the time the game is through certification and all the other stuff it needs to go through before it can hit shelves the DLC is done and ready to go as well. This is the same situation as with day one patches. If the DLC is already on the disc it means it was completed at the same time as the rest of the game and should therefore be part of the initial purchase price.

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@l4wd0g: Understandable if Mona Lisa's smile was finished off by a 3 year old with crayons.

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Brad filibuster as usual.

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I think a tighter integration into Home or a Home-like service is a possibility having the PS4 launch into it would be incredibly unwieldy and most likely a turn-off for the majority of users. I would like a more tightly integrated service, where users can see my Home avatar on the XMB (Like the 360 dashboard) and have it available in certain games. More hooks going from games to Home (like rewards etc.) and vice versa would be great too, that's kind of in right now but it's under-utilised. Overall I just want a tighter, slicker, more integrated Home experience. It needs to be less of a "that thing weirdos use" and more of a service that enriches the XMB and PS3 games and allows users to participate in varying levels.

My main concern is that nothing from Home PS3 will carry over to Home PS4. It'll either be running the old engine and look highly out of place on a next-gen console or it'll be re-written and no longer be compatible with any of the stuff we bought (or our old stuff will look like crap).

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Throw this article on the ever growing mountain of articles by Patrick Klepek that haven't been proof-read properly.

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Man I never even finished it! Guess I'm gonna have to flip open my DSi and keep playing.

Also, good to see Patrick keeping up the fine tradition of not proof-reading his work at all. It's spelled "series", Patrick. Not "seres".

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@WerewolfGuy: I've noticed it too and made a comment on one of his other articles. He really needs to start proof-reading his writing before he posts. Fun and wacky is what I associate with GiantBomb, not amateur.

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The spelling errors in this article are shocking. Do you not proof-read your work Patrick?

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@zudthespud: If by "works great" you mean "is entirely ignored by everyone involved" then yeah it works great.

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