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    Gamergate is this weird, foreign thing to me because I seriously cannot understand why this non-issue has become this huge crazy thing. It makes it rather difficult to find out any real information f...

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    Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage wasn't bad, it was just way too short for it to not be a downloadable game for ten bucks. The Moba is surprisingly good, especially for being free.

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    I saw this and got excited, then was disappointed it was iPad exclusive. It's super cool it's getting a sequel anyway, the first one was a super fun way to play a quick (compared to normal Civ) game ...

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    This all seems like it really depends on Carmack's contract, but Zenimax may have some merit to their case due to the messed up nature of the legal system.

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    Was Dr Wily with a scythe just fighting the guy from Prototype?