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Hey, I joined about a week ago, finally remembered to come look in the forums for a thread like this. My tag is RipTatermen. Also, I have a starship engine, two bodies, but no controls. Anyone happen to have an extra starship controls they'd want to trade for a body?

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@iAmJohn: But I'm only good at pointing out others' faults! Thanks for the help, that explains a lot. Off I go to make the best damn page that no one will ever look at.
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I know If they made it a game system and a phone, it would be good at neither, but I really loved my Sony Ericsson W810i phone, and the thought of it successfully mating with a PSP is one of the few things that might tear me away from my iPhone. Oh well.

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Is there any way editing could be worth more? I spent about an hour cleaning up the GTA IV page today, 2nd to 3rd person, future tense to past re: DLC, bad writing to not-bad writing, etc., and got one point for it. It's not like this diminishes my e-peen or anything, it's just that I would like to reach that 1,000 points, edit without approval threshold one day, and that's a very long row to hoe one point at a time.