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Much like the PSP, the Vita is the go to console for visual novels. There are loads of them cattering to different niche markets. Since those are mostly for Japanese public it gives the impression of lack of titles for the console.

That said visual novels are a bit different compared to a "regular" game and a find the Vita lacking a lot in this respect. It's a shame, the hardware is fantastic compared to the 3DS but sometimes it feels as if Sony has been gradually giving up on it. Doesn't help the fact that the 3DS is a huge success and in my eyes one of the best Nintendo systems ever despite the disappointing 3D and lack of a proper account system.

It does have its fair share of exclusives though. Too many ports though. I like ports but it needs more than that.

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Used to be one of my favourite companies in the early/mid 2000s. Nowadays I don't even buy their games anymore. Don't regret it though. Simply can't stand it anymore. A shame really, because they've got plenty of talented people working for them.

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It'll come to Vita eventually, we all know that :P

They've mentioned before that if it was only Japan they'd probably develop for handheld only the series. Or something along those lines.

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As much as I like Persona 3, the dungeons were a step back from Persona 2 to me. Persona 4 was definitely an improvement from the previous game's dungeons but I believe there's room to better integrate with the rest of the game. Overall all of Persona 4 current formula can get even better. Many things felt like hardware limitations. The kind that I don't see like an obstacle for the ps3/ps4.

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I hope it really gets released. It'll probably sell well enough. Most people will still complain about it though. I'll probably buy but hopefully they don't released as full priced games.

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@ulquiokani: you mean 好評発売中? It's something along the lines of "the popular/highly praised (game/item/whatever it's been talked about) on sale now". "発売中" means currenly on sale but they sometimes add something before like 好評 or 絶賛 to add this "well regarded" quality to the thing being sold.

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There'll will be plenty eventually. First I think games need some sort of unofficial standards for some gameplay elements. Every company tries their own completely different control schemes for the same actions so it's frustrating and takes a while to get used to the controls some time. Most lack controller support which reminds me of old pc gaming. Also obviously this "hardcore" (hate the term too) market needs to grow on the platform.

Let's not forget there are a lots of pc ports already too such as Half Life 2, Portal, Bioshock, Knights of The Old Republic, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead Season 1 & 2, XCOM: Enemy Unkown and console/haldheld ports such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games, The World Ends With You, Monster Hunter etc..

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@hailinel: Why?

From my experience, they just screech if you try to play the game with them in any way but the "right" way (ex: No items, Final Destination). In that sense, they're no different from the worst competitive MOBA players, who will actively scream at other players for not being perfect clockwork soldiers. I've never come across a group so loathsome in how possessive they are of a game that was designed for a wide degree of match customization and, you know, having fun.

I don't know, I never played Smash too seriously. Never thought it was that kind of game. There were games that I played however that needed some kind of "limits" to avoid throwing the balance out of the window. UMK3 comes to mind where me and my friends or whoever played with me had to ban a few characters or some cheap infinites. That game was just broken at high level play. Had loads of fun though. Or sometimes we'd allow anything and don't care about either winning or losing. Sometimes a losing performance was much more celebrated than a winning one like C. Sub Zero defeating Kabal or Human Smoke and such. Smash Bros strikes as that kind of game. I could be very, very wrong though.

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We're getting to the stage where everyone grew up with video games as 'the norm' and as a result it breeds more hardcore gamers meaning the will always be a demand for big experiences . A fact the press completely neglected whilst forecasting doom.

it didnt turn out true in Japan, and being on the tech edge as they are people often look to that society for paradigms that could happen in the west years down the line. Japan not caring about consoles anymore is probably something to take note of in the future. Its easy to say "I told you so" in hindsight but Im sure many of the same people saying that now thought the iPad and Wii would fail. People only acknowledge the fights they win. PS5 and the next xbox, in 10 years or so, probably will be in some dire straights. Nintendo will probably be entirely mobile by then. The forecast wasn't wrong, it was just early.

Japan's console market is in trouble because Japanese companies stopped making games for the Japanese market. The western market is what they have focused their energy towards. Also, the cost of making big games has risen to the point that a game that only sells in Japan will be unprofitable, so games have to have western or global appeal.

Personally I don't like where the consoles are headed. There seems to be fewer and fewer new ideas being attempted because of the rising costs of making console games. It takes over 600 people multiple years to make an Assassin's Creed or GTA game now. That kind of investment means it's going to stick to the formulas of past installments. But also, with that many people working on a game it has to be difficult to make a meaningful change.

I feel like in the PS2 era studios had between 20 and 50 employees working on a game. We got a lot of interesting games, but we also got a lot of financial failures.

Console market in Japan is the way it it's due to most people going handheld. Even more so than in the past. The idea that they stopped focusing on their own market is going too far in my opinion. Sure there're some games focused on the international market but most are very Japanese games. Many great titles have been Japan only lately. Ni no Kuni took forever to be localised, same for Xenoblade and Last Story. Fatal Frame people have no idea what's going to happen. Dragon Quest X never did, Yakuza has been largely ignored. That's not to mentioned the types of games that are usually never localised such as visual novels. if anything they are simply not been localised.

So with people going handheld, stagnated economy and rising costs of the consoles many companies are focusing on 3DS/Vita/Mobile. There's been plenty of good games released for Vita and 3DS that haven't come out outside of Japan yet such as Monster Hunter 4, Youkai Watch, Youkai Watch 2 etc And when they do it takes forever (Bravely Default, Animal Crossing, Tomodachi Collection, Rune factory 4 etc)

To cut it short, market changed and 3DS is where Japanese gaming is (at the moment). That said, there'll be plenty of good games for consoles. This gen is still in its infancy.

I don't have many complaints but maybe it's because my tastes have mostly been satisfied and because I don't need to wait for localisations. Not everything is doing well obviously but that's always true. I miss some things too.

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@slag: I think they will bring Dragon Quest VII to iOS/Android too eventually if that counts. They said about something about bringing all Dragon Quests to mobile sometime ago. So there's some hope i guess for those who haven't played. If it's the same as the 3DS I don't know though. That game's too text-heavy and that something they've mentioned as a big obstable a few times. The 3DS version is great. It's a shame they didn't release outside Japan.