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Not entirely sure but maybe Morrowind. The game may be flawed in several aspects but I put so many hours and had so much fun I guess I have to go with it.

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Since gamespot days so probably over 10 years now :O

Now that you mentioned I should try something new. Maybe later. Another day, week or decade.

It's from Quackshot:

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Probably a fighting game. Virtua Fighter 5 or Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike most likely.

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One of the biggest complaints I hear about Skyward Sword is the slow start, and the fact that they constantly remind you of items and pop up tutorial things... but I've watched my Niece try to play through that game, and trust me, that stuff is in there for a reason. I'd like the option to disable it when I play, sure, but I wonder how many people actually think about kids trying to learn how to play the game when they bitch about that kind of thing.

Games didn't do that when I was a kid trying to learn how to play a game and I got by just fine.

I would say games have gotten a bit more complicated since then.

Sure, but they've also gotten far less obtuse. Games without direction like Castlevania (and especially Simon's Quest) used to be the norm. Faxanadu was one of my favorite NES games as a kid, but fuck it if I didn't try to play that game for literal months before being able to even make sense of the first 15 minutes. Games have gotten very good at interactive tutorials, but it's a fine line to walk, and according to most people, Skyward Sword walked the wrong side of that line. Don't underestimate kids; they're a lot smarter than most people give them credit for. There are adults that need three or four huge flashing tooltips in front of their faces before they'll finally read them (I'm sure we all know a few), and there are adults that read something one time and won't forget it. Kids are no different.

They overdid at times but you can ignore most things. It's a great game.

In the past games were much simpler so that was the way to add difficulty. Games nowadays are played different naturally as we live in a different era and so they must adapt. It was common to get stuck in a game and never finish. We remember fondly about that time but when you think about it, it was a pain to play games at times. You'd get lost without a reasonable clue about what you were supposed to do next so you'd wonder around aimlessly until something happened. I do agree SS took it to far though but if you can get past that it's a very good game.

I think the issues most people have come from the fact it's not the Zelda they want. It happens every single time (Majora's Mask, Wind Waker etc) and then people start loving it many years later. That's especially true outside Japan where people always want something grittier and darker.

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That is the point of Brasil. They like to play with the upper hand of being favorites. If they loose that psychological advantage, they morally fell apart.

That is what happened yesterday... By the time they got to 2-0, they just stopped trying. At that point, Germany could well enough be sparring and it would have been a similar result.

That is true. But since they are five-time champions, they are always favorites in the eyes of most Brazilians. And if anyone disagrees, some people get overly-defensive and accuse critics of being anti-patriotic or having a inferiority complex or both. This is especially true for journalists who don't buy into the whole jingoist nonsense. Scolari himself told them at a post-match interview that if they didn't like it, they could all go to hell. These people need to realize that Brazil no longer has the best players or the best team and that tradition can only get you so far.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. It's just a sport, after all.


Hup Holland Hup!

Even without the best squad Brazil were still favourites for the tournament let's not forget. Home advantage is a big thing and history shows that time and time again. Had the world cup being in another country it's possible Brazil wouldn't even reach semis this time. The team had a good Confederations Cup too but that form didn't carry over to the world cup unfortunately. About Scolari: that's his job, he needs to fill the players with confidence they can beat any one. Everyone who's been following him know how he works. He's a great manager even if he didn't get it right last game.

By the way, Brazilians know they didn't have a killer team this time around and everyone was worried about how Scolari would manager without 2 of the best players in the squad out (Neymar and Thiago Silva). However it's still a disappointment when you consider Brazil's world cup history.

People will be reading too much into it when there's not much to it. They lost, it's football and those things happen.

I'll be supporting Argentina against Netherlands and then Germany in the final. Hopefully Brazil can beat Netherlands for 3rd place.

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Between The Wolf Among Us and Dark Souls 2 from what I played so far. Really hoping for a season 2 of TWAU in the future. I don't wan't them adapting the main story though.

Still wanna play the metal gear game, Divinity: Original Sin, Shovel Knight, finish The Walking Dead Season 2 and play the Youkai Watch 2 that will be released tomorrow (the first game was one of my favourites from last year).

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Well, today is easily explained by the manager risking something with his tactics and starting line up in order to cover for both Neymar and Thiago Silva (also captain). Didn't work out as they haven't been played that well so far. Trying something like that so far in the world cup against possibly the tournament's strongest team, Germany, didn't make matters easy.

They just looked lost out there in the first half and in about 10 minutes Germany scored like 4 or 5 times. That was the end of it. Brazil still had a couple of very good chances early in the 2nd half abut didn't capitalised. They could've scored a few more and changed the flow of the game but it wasn't to be. Germany did well I deserved to win. Great football and Klose scored once more. What a player. Good for the game I guess.

I'd like to add that contrary to some opinions here the Brazilian defence is actually very, very good. problem is the non-existent midfield. There was only so much the defenders could do when the opposing team can easily trade passes all the way there. David Luiz, in my opinion is still one of the best players this world cup. Julio Cesar used to be a great goalkeeper too, not so much anymore. He's been poor the whole tournament despite good penalty shootout the other day. He's not to blame for today though.

Brazil will bounce back. The team needs more quality players coming through though.

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I miss old Ubisoft. Until early 00's Ubisoft was on of my favourites video-game companies. What a shame.

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Even if you had to buy I'd say it's still a good time. Since you have it lying around I don't see any reason NOT to play it. Even if a HD version comes along the game is still the same and it won't be coming soon, if ever, anyway.