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Yeah, it wasn't really doing it for me so I just got rid of it! Glad chat's working! =D

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Hey! Your fix worked! I uninstalled adaware and now the chat is working for Brad's stream. Thanks, man!! =D

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I will! You might be onto something!

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Thanks for the tip! I'll give it a try next time there's a live stream. =D

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Hey guys.

I've had a subscription with the site for a few years now and only thought of reporting this now, after talking to Rorie last week. The chat for the live streams has not been working for me for a few months now. I've tried changing settings, deleting a ton of things, nothing worked.

I'm on a laptop using Windows 8.1. Tried running it on Chrome and IE, having the same issues. HOWEVER! If I try to watch streams on my Windows 7 64 bit computer, the chat works.

Can you guys help me out?


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Thanks for sharing, Rorie. I would love to throw my hat in! =D

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I tried clicking the link for the subscription in order to re-sub and the discount isn`t up yet. Is it only going up during PAX?

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@substance_d: I don't understand it either and since my subscription runs out in a couple of weeks, it'd be nice to resub now!

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Wish you all the best! You won't be gone for long at all. See you back soon!

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Not a Hero was incredible. I had a blast with it over at Devolver's lot outside of E3. Too bad they didn't go there, it seems anyway.