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Can I get an invite please.

Username: edulle

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@blackcat0158: I'll trade 3 pears for 3 oranges.

FC: 3325-2161-7651

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Name: Edulle

FC: 3325-2161-7651

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Looking forward to Friday. I haven't done any Fractals yet.

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@audiobusting I would suggest still logging on if you're interested. Even if you can't get to an area for a guild mission the event afterwards is a lot of fun. We all group and just run around random areas completing random events. It will get you a lot of XP and help you open up some areas of the map you might not have. The PVE runarounds I have been a part of have all started either near Lion's Arch or another home city that is easy to get to.

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Can low-level players join guild missions too? I don't play too often so my highest-level character is still at 40 something.

I don't think there is a level restriction on the guild missions. I think the issue you will have is not having all the waypoints to jump around the world with everyone. This is the problem I had during the first event I was apart of. I still don't have all the waypoints so I run into this issue still.

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Dekant - America - Templar

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I got this on PC during gamefly's sale. If anyone is active on PC please add me.

Origin ID: Edule

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Just started back playing BF3. I joined the Steam gaming hub and requested to join the GBSQ clan.

Origin ID: edule

Steam ID: edulle

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Count me in. GW2 is looking awesome

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