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Is there any room left in this club? Gamertag is Edward Hyena

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@drcripto: Gordon Freeman will just sit there with a middle finger trying to break up the three-way between a Combine Advisor, Dr. Breen, and the G-Man.

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@artyen: Not having seen the packaging for Day 5 yet, I might also suggest the phone might be related to "5 golden 'rings' "

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I admit I had zero interest in this game until I heard them talking about it on the Bombcast, and then I tried the demo. I was hooked.
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" @Hamz: I'm pretty sure they've hinted that they contacted Sony, but Sony weren't taking them seriously and were taking far too long to get back to them. Meanwhile they were deep in negotiations with MS who wanted to do a deal that prevented it's release on PSN, which they agreed to. They've never explicitly said it, but that's the vibe I get from them. But it's coming to PC and Wiiware, so most people will be able to play it on one platform or another.  Anyways, it's awesome that the Super Meat Boy guys are loving the Giant Bomb coverage of the game. The quick look and lemon lens do seem to convey how you play the game extremely well. "

  The game designers  were on the indiegames.com podcast (podcast #5 if you want to listen to it) and discussed this. The official answer was "They were a little late to the party."  Basically when they were trying to get Sony interested, Sony was asking about Goo, a game which was already cancelled, months after they submitted a working build of SMB. Then it took a month before Sony said, "Hey, can we get a working build of that?" Sony's lack of interested compared to Microsoft's enthusiasm ended up with Team Meat signing with Microsoft. The game is actually coded for the PS3 but they would have had to go back into negotiations with Microsoft to get a PS3 release so they just kinda said, "Nevermind."
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Part of the reason the original GoldenEye was so awesome was Rare. Rare will have nothing to do with this game, so I am skeptical.

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MatthewMeadows said:
"epic_pets said:
He is completley unlikeable. I mean come on - in the first ten minutes we see him drinking shots with a crushed pill in it, and then a little later he kills an innocent dude for no reason."
Wait, who does Ethan ever kill that is innocent? I've played through the game twice and the only people you ever kill are the ones trying to attack you.

BiggerBomb said:
After he attacks you, you are dragged out into the snow. At first I assumed it was the injured guard, but you never see him again. Who the hell pulls you away?"
You were blown by the force of the explosion out of the lodge and into the snow. You blacked out because it probably hurt like hell.