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well, as I guessed before, Ubisoft moved its stupid decision by itself. by the way, I really hate it because any game isn't activated at all after removing, re-installing for some reason. I tried recent Ubisoft's blockbusters which I purchased all from steam. for some reasons, I removed them. then re-installed. but they were not activated at all. totally shit. I won't ever buy Ubisoft again.

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nowadays, every game has, which based on RPG element or pure RPG genre, a lot of errand. I am really sick of it. do you think that even mass effect games are fine? NO. get over.

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so they will delay. I am not surprise at all. this is what they do for PC gamers. it's an excuse that they need more time to make a port to PC. but look, Ubi.

you delayed 'ghost recon future soldier' as well. but what was really improved anyway? few patches did even make a game worse. what's up with slowing down frame rate so much for mission 10 to 12?

why is it happened even I play it with my powerful gaming laptop? I just don't accept such a excuse anymore.

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I don't know about this game. I didn't buy it. if MP3 have more cut scenes than mass effect 3, then it will be pain in the ass. unlikely ME 3, if you can't skip it, nobody wants to play again. after I red all posts from various forums, I am glad not to buy it. it sounds like wasting money to me.

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it's just sad that many people judge DS3 won't be scary as 1,2 when they watch just a glimpse of trailer which is very tiny part in entire game. we don't know how much new game will be scary or turn to gers of war or something until it will release. don't pre-judge. sometimes changing game style or environment is good. I still anticipate DS 3 with higher expectation.

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it wasn't the week of Nov. 15th. but I preordered skyrim, batman AC in the first week of November. I just completed skyrim preload today (steam version).

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2011 is a good year to complete many new games for me. I couldn't do in 2010. I finished almost 85% of new games I bought in 2011 so far. it's pretty successful. so far mass effect 2 is my personal record to complete so many times. if you ask me, it is epic '40' times. I never did this madness before. it means that mass effect 2 is really the best game ever. the game is not still tired yet. nowadays, I have played FEAR 3. the game I bought in summer. but I didn't finish all chapters, and co-op. so I just completed single player twice on two different levels. I am focused on MP. FEAR 3 is very good game. graphic is very unique even though so much motion blur, ambient occlusion in the whole game through. it could make you headache or motion sickness. so be aware.

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he will reappear in mass effect 3 according to mass effect wiki. but I don't care.

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@ZimboDK: relax. it's not Rage that you need to download damn 22GB. so bandwidth doesn't hit much. 6GB is only taken less than hour.

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@DarthOniXVIII: why not? three 11. it's cool to remember.