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don't forget. developers can beat this game less than 3-4 hours at least because they have worked on this over 4 years. this is what they do everyday. if you are not stupid, you understand this.

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I posted the same thing in www.thegameeffect.com which I thought it's ridiculous even though all money will go to charity. some people think that they could achieve, why not? seriously, they are just indie studio. nobody really knows about this game. I never heard before. how the hell could they be reach to 10 millions? the main reason is why they do this? they don't want to make money from making game? it's the main reason any business works for. the whole thing doesn't make any sense. I bet 100%. they won't achieve the goal. don't get me wrong. I am not evil. they just have very ambitious dream as everybody does. you are not damn teen or kid to keep dream. it's serious business. if they will fail, they will have nothing but bankruptcy. making game is not free. there is the budget they invested. they should get profit margin what they spent for.

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yeah, there will be more DLC not only for MP but also SP. DLC is all counted for both. by the way, I just finished it by myself. no co-op. solo play. I was fine.

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there is half life 2 Easter egg in subway town. when you go to one of enforcers (authority), he says 'pick up can'. if you do, then he says ' good dog'. one of achievements is ID dev graffiti room. if you find it, you can see all dev signatures on the wall, and ID software sign in the center of the room. it's awesome actually.

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you never saw auto save? every fucking game has auto save feature. I think you are wrong. anyway, Rage has worst because if you die, you should start all over again from first part of mission.

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I just wonder why there is only one giant mutant in dead city. how about other locations? why not? it seems strange. just bring some big ass enemies. I'm getting bored.

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don't expect too much on this. there are only bunch of mutants. you just shoot them. yeah, definitely one goody item down there like treasure or something. it's very short.

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@kishinfoulux: well, IGN fuck again. they don't even have a good measure of score system anymore. seriously, Rage is not below 9 score level game. it's not. what am I care? I don't care about IGN anymore. it's been 6 months I haven't red any review on IGN.

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EGM, Edge? I never heard of both. I ignore them because they don't seem big review websites. I wait for IGN, Gamespot, gameinformer, gaintbomb, joystiq, ars technica, and PC gamer.

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what is it? is this guy a gay or what? personally, I hate someone who makes me sexually confused. he'd better be a bitch. oh, I don't know this shitty guy. never heard of her(?).