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This is a test since I can't seem to edit my first blog post to add this:
Page name capitalization/case: Having all pages be Title Case is annoying when trying to find a general concept that is not a proper-/pronoun! Only games, companies, characters, and some locations (not common ones like beach, island, ocean, etc) should be Title Case (unless otherwise written by the developer/company). Most objects ( grass, shovel, tree, etc) and concepts (which is horribly way too general/vague and needs subcategories--see my " Categories" blog post; particle system, weather, 1st-person perspective, etc) should be lowercase (but some special objects and concepts may have proper nouns). Or, at the very least, " Sentence case" (where the first letter of the first word is capitalized only, unless there is a proper-/pronoun elsewhere in the "sentence"). See Wikipedia: Manual of Style (capital letters).

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Lists can't be sorted on the main list screen, however, or alphabetically automatically (and manually doing it is a pain in the ass).

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@Joseppie said:
" @Eep: It's simply the format that we use. We prefer to stick to a style used most often for titles in writing. The first and last words, along with all nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, & adjectives, are capitalized. All articles, coordinating conjunctions, & prepositions are lowercase unless they are the first or last words.  We like this style and it has been handed down from the top, so we use it.  "
How can you like a style that makes finding things even more confusing? Do you even USE this site very much? No offense, but the design/interface needs a LOT of work. Programmers don't tend to have a lot of practical experience with actually USING what they create, which is why it takes bottom-up feedback to overthrow top-down dictatorial mentality. ;)
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Wow, over a year and still no response, let alone being able to sort lists (on the main list screen anyway). Not having a way to sort them alphabetically automatically (throughout the site) is annoying too!

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I've already had some all-lowercase submissions accepted. What's the big deal about keeping non-proper nouns lowercase? Surely you can see the benefit of this with so many character names having common object/concept names...

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Improper capitaliation? Oh please. Some of my submissions' capitalization was changed anyway (even though I still think everything but proper names should be lowercase). Don't be spiteful now, MB...

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Well, according to posts in this thread, submissions were still there after 2+ days, and I have some that are going on 2.5 days (which is how I found this thread) so either the queue is getting backed up or there's a lot of discussion going on whether or not to add--wait for it--particle effects. Yes, particle effects--perhaps the most common effect in today's games is being debated on its inclusion into GB. Come on...give me a break... Oh and smoke should still be added too since not all games have it...but, no, my submission was rejected... <eye roll>

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What you can do is, in the list's description, add links to other links. I do this with my weapons list to link to other lists of specific kinds of weapons. Just be careful if you rename lists later since the link will change.

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That's dumb. All lists should appear (up to 3 on the page itself and more appearing on the page's "lists" page). Since categories can't be created, lists are the only way to organize things (aside from creating yet another "concept" and adding it to every page). I've created various lists for basic things (actions, food, game engines, vehicles, weapons, etc) and I want them displayed on appropriate pages (without having to be "rated" first) because they make it easier to find related pages.
Ideally, of course, GB should have more root categories and allow the search results to be filtered by these various categories to make finding things MUCH easier and more intuitive.