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" @TinoXtreme said:

" It's been almost 56 hours and still my wiki submission is pending? Will they ever see it?  "
I'm just getting onto the wiki queue now, so I should deal with your submissions fairly soon. Remember all of us mods are volunteers who have work or are in full time education. While we try to keep the wiki queue under 24 hours, we sometimes get busy & the wiki queue can grow. "
 Well you could always lower the amount of points needed before pages can be created without approval...
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I've had some as old as 2 days 9 hours now. What's the holdup? It's for particle effects, perhaps one of the most common effects in games today...

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I really don't like the search engine because it doesn't go past 10 or 12 entries and no way to scroll down. This makes adding things to pages VERY annoying! I am trying to add Adventure to sword as the first appearance and it's impossible. And I can't edit Adventure's aliases to make it come up more easily. :/
The search engine should always give the shortest version first!

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Fuzzy dates need to go before 1975 too! I had to put 01/01/1959 for an "exact" date in Mouse in the Maze. :/

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" A point that doesn't seem to be addressed yet:

@Eep said:


The TOS conflicts with the very nature of this site, which is to edit/modify it:

Your Use of the Site

 You may not do any of the following to the site:  
  •  modify, adapt, translate or reverse engineer the site

That refers to the software that powers that site. You can modify, adapt, translate, or "reverse engineer" any of the data under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license, but you can't do any of that to the site itself. It's not free software, which is a shame because I could have submitted a fix in five minutes for a problem that took a year to fix... "
 Interesting. OK, thanks. The TOS still could use some legalese clarification though. ;)
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@Eep said:
" Forcing new users to follow a bunch of unknown people (to new users anyway) is lame. And having to visit each person's profile to "stop following" them is annoying. Checkboxes and options to "check/uncheck all" and "follow/stop following" each person would be more untuitive. I still have everyone I supposedly "stop following"ed appearing on my summary page... "
You do not have to visit each person's profile to stop following them. You can simply go to your followed users page and there should be "Stop Following?" links to the right of each of them. "
Yes, I know but it's still a pain to have to do it to like 16 people right when first signing up. And then, as my original post states, they're STILL followed anyway so the "stop following" option doesn't even work. I still have "follow" links to the right of  all 16 people. Clicking it (in order to try and reset the bugged "follow" coding) does nothing either.
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"The image uploading sux ass. When using the "My Desktop" option, I have to close the uploader and redo it for it to not say multiple items are queued up (when, in fact, I only tried to upload one). PNGs aren't supported and there's no info about what formats are accepted (or resolution limits)." 

What browser are you using? The image uploader works fine for me, and PNGs are supported. I have never tried upload an image in a format that wasn't supported, so their accepted formats seem to be pretty extensive. As for resolution limits, I don't believe there is a resolution limit. I know there some insanely high resolution images on the site, and the staff have mentioned how awesome that is. If there is a limit, it's pretty goddamn big.
Firefox 3.5.8. If I try to upload 1 file, then another one right after, the error occurs either in my user image gallery (which I can't seem to duplicate now) or a page's gallery when uploading an image. The upload page should at least tell you that there is no resolution limit (but I suspect there is a file size limit, which should be stated), along with what image formats are not accepted (if it's less than the accepted formats).

"For the database, more categories are needed: genres, effects, and custom-creatable categories (like a real wiki). See my 3D Game Comparison wiki (which, interestingly, this site's database design is very close to...) for more ideas."

The categories seem fine to me. We could maybe use a couple of additions (Genre's & Races/species would be useful additions), but adding too many categories would overcomplicate things. The concepts category is is essentially for anything that doesn't currently fit into one of the other categories, and it does a good job at that.
No, as of this post, concepts is way too cluttered with 4,340 entries full of:
(3,284) is full of animals, insects, vegetation (flowers, plants, trees, etc), vehicles, weapons (and ammunition), etc.
Now, thus far, all of these subcategories are only ~332 entries combined but I haven't gone through and added all the fish (someone went nuts adding every specific species of fish in Endless Ocean, for example) and there are still many characters that could also be classified as animals and/or insects (but that won't remove them from the characters list).
As GB expands, this system is only going to get even more cluttered and confusing. It's bad enough a common name like like " blade" is being used for a particular type of vehicle that appears in 1 game series (GTA), 3 characters, and 2 games. At the very least, the GTA Blade should be named "Blade (GTA series)" and the characters as "Blade (Bad Dudes character)" and "Blade (Marvel character)" since in the limited popup search results there is no description of the 2 characters with the same name, and the thumbnail is so small it's hard to tell what it is, let alone which character. Wikipedia deals with this problem using parentheses so I don't see why GB can't use them too, or even branches like "character/Blade/Bad Dudes" and "character/Blade/Marvel" or something (which would just be for the database and not how the finished result would look like).
Anyway, there are a few things that could be done to clean up GB's rapidly expanding classification and categorization problem. I'm dealing with this on my 3D Game Comparison wiki so I have some experience with it.
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Er, the description reads like a biased advertisement...

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Seems like GamersGate is advertising/spam and doesn't belong on GB. More are listed on Digital Distribution. The major console ones like Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Wii Shop Channel (and maybe Steam since it's so popular) could probably get away with staying but the others just seem like spam to me...
More: Gaikai, OnLive

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Basically, just look up a game you're familiar with and check out all its info to see if it's correct (to you). If not, edit it. If it's good, pick something else (game, character, concept, object, etc) and check it out. Rinse, lather, repeat. I just joined a couple days ago and I've already began probably 15 pages already--many with common object names that I was surprised weren't added yet.