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These dont seem to work anymore, i dont suppose there is any chance of updating these...?

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Which is crap because i distinctly remember them saying "You can bet giantbomb will be there."

The reason the devs didnt get back to them is because the studio was laid off...

What a disappointment from the GB team.


And...It's over.

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And yet again another unnecessary article by Patrick. And this time he uses a game that has been described as nothing less than sexist to support women's rights, the irony is palpable.

By the way Patrick, did you know that the game City of Heroes is coming to an end this week? did you know of the massive fan reaction? Did you know that that's the kind of thing you should be reporting and not this opinionated drivel? It's like you refuse to do your job, you see an article on kotaku, rewrite it and post it up here. That's it. Jesus christ.

I hate to make this seem like a personal attack on you but at this point i cant help but wonder how you havnt been fired yet. But that would be sexist, huh? Getting fired for posting unrelated opinion pieces on a video game website. Silly me and my male white privilege, i guess I'm just hard wired to think I'm entitled to actual news article from a supposed video game journalist, my bad. That's what it comes down to right? Anyone disagrees with these articles in any way shape or form and we are called sexist, it is literally a curse word now, a derogatory term you can apply to men to make their arguments invalid.

*Sigh* This is idiotic, i really hope someone in the office teaches you how to do your job some time soon.

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@Judakel said:

Don't put "spreads awareness" in quotation marks. That's half the fight. People should be shamed. They should be "guilt tripped". People don't change without feeling bad about their present course. He isn't apologizing for being a man. What part of being a man is negated by the content of his tweet? I think how you're interpreting his article - and his tweet - says a lot more about your views on this issue than you'd like to admit.

You're suggesting the common man should be ashamed for the actions of other men, i have nothing to feel guilty for and yet you tell me i should feel guilty, effectively telling me i am in the wrong simply for being the same gender as someone else. They should not be guilt tripped, thats manipulation, they should be talked to, man to woman, adult to adult.

I'm not hiding anything, i think feminism is idiotic as it almost always ends in women having superiority over men. Women's Rights is different though, but the only way i can take part in that is to treat women the same way i treat men, for better or worse. So if they stand up for themselves instead of relying on the support of strangers on the internet then i'll be happy for them, but i hold no guilt for the actions of others. If men in the industry treat women poorly that is their own fault and you should talk to them, which hey that's what Patrick should be doing instead of parroting tweets and telling us we should feel bad for being stupid men who just dont understand.

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@Judakel said:

I don't think you understood the point of this article at all. He is doing something and he is trying to get you to do something as well. Do you honestly think speaking up on social media (or any social set of circumstances) has no impact? Peer pressure works.

And yes, it is hilarious that he makes those kinds of arguments while having such an avatar. A bit of cognitive dissonance there, but then again, he is not the only one who has some work to do.

He is complaining on twitter in an effort to get more people to complain on twitter. Sure it "spreads awareness" but that doesn't get anything done, really. I want them to do something, i want to see them stand up for themselves, but this just feels like an attempt to guilt trip people. Patrick's tweet is effectively him apologizing for being a man, i can't help but see that as fucked up and manipulative.

But as i said before, it's not the topic at hand that's annoying, its Patrick's continued efforts to take a cause and force it down the community's gullet, rather it has anything to do with the actual industry or not.

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@CrimsonNoir said:

Why shouldn't he write about this stuff? The gaming subculture isn't just guys, just because you're tired of hearing about it doesn't mean it's not important. Being marginalized shouldn't be accepted and the fact that you think he's being all high and mighty just shows your fucked up thinking that not being misogynistic is some saintly act.

I suggest you re-read (or read for the first time, because it seems you didn't before replying) my post and actually make an effort to comprehend what I'm saying.

There is a difference between being non-misogynistic and trumpeting the "virtues" of feminism. Not being misogynistic isn't a saintly act and yet most people (Patrick being the main case here) act like supporting women somehow makes them a better person despite the fact he isn't actually doing anything.

As i said, if they really feel there is a problem they should do something about it instead of complaining on twitter and posting blogs such as this where they don't belong.

Also its hilarious that you make these kind of arguments while having a half naked pin up girl with a giant gun as your avatar.

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Oh also for the record, one of the major problems most people have with Mirror's Edge is the crappy story. People don't remember Faith's character, they remember the aesthetic and unique gameplay, a lot of which was led up by men. It doesn't surprise me Patrick will pull any excuse out of his ass to put women up on a pedestal. I was hoping he was done with this but i guess not.

Patrick's constant "opinion pieces" and the fact he is constantly being shoved into every single piece of content on the site has made me just stop reading/watching most of the stuff on the site. You said you wanted to know if we felt there was a problem? If we couldn't "trust you?" Patrick, at this point, is a problem.

Yes yes sexism is bad lets kill all men rabble rabble rabble. Whatever. I don't mind Patrick posting something like this every once in a while but when ever single article on the site is Patrick complaining about something, or acting high and mighty because he is a "games journalist?" Enough is enough. Stop "reporting" your causes and complaints about the industry, you should be reporting actual news, facts, not taking sides on some stupid crusade on twitter. If all the women in the games industry went on strike, then you can report it in a non-biased way, but as it is you are just broadcasting to the world that you are a "good and saintly person" for posting something on twitter.

I can no longer take anything Patrick says seriously, and considering he is now the poster child of GB, i can barely take anything on the site seriously.

(I will now prepare for the onslaught of people who will demonize me for one reason or another.)

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This just reminded me i wanted to get Dead or Alive 5

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It’s unclear why Zeschuk and Muzyka are leaving.

Is it? Is it really?

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FFS make jeff play them.

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