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@McGhee_the_Insomniac: While smoking a pipe?  I need the pipe. The pipe will be a deal breaker.
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@Aronman789: Inspiration takes several forms.
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@McGhee_the_Insomniac: Old picture.  But thank you.  Been thinking of growing it back out. 
: Very well put sir.  Your fingers are to the keyboard as Kandinsky's brush was to the canvas.
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@DonutFever: Clan site.  I was inspired to be idyllic after a an administrative "just following orders" crack down redacted my opinion.  Never GB;  Albeit posting this here of all places might have been a hollow sermon to deaf masses.  Either way, comments like this always make me feel much better:

Damn right FRIEND BROTHER!!!

Stick it to the man. Ride Free!!

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@TheDudeOfGaming: Rock on brother.  Wear it with Pride.  Eat some chocolate and fart on turtle!
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The dictionary defines this word in a variety of applications.  The one I would like to focus on is in reference to the human condition: 

ma·tu·ri·ty   [muh-choor-i-tee, -toor-, -tyoor-, -chur-]

full development; perfected condition: maturity of judgment; to bring a plan to maturity.   

Full development?  That can be interpreted in several facets.  The first thing that comes to mind is setting aside the ways of children.  A child screams a swear word a the top of his lungs; Why?  Because he knows no better.  To be a growing child is to be an explorer.  When a child learns to walk, it walks every where it can.  When a child learns to speak, it says everything it can.  Setting limits on a child only makes it more curious.  Curiosity: We all feel it, but complacency overwhelms it and asphyxiates our most base creative desires.  We are all raised being scolded when a naughty word escapes our maw.  Perhaps that is why the more pompous and righteous parts of society seek to censor it from civilization. 
It is my personal belief that moderation and appropriation are the key factors of any civilization.  As a child, you know not of moderation.  Thus, you are prohibited from dangerous elements: Sugar, Alcohol, Perverse Media.  But as an adult these shunned parts of society provide intriguing and wondrous opportunities for creative and artful expression. 
In the 1950's Alan Ginsberg was brought up on Obscenity charges.  WHY?  Because people define their maturity and development on an ideal that revolves around the ostracization of "the Obscene."  Archaic societies define Obscene material by an idealistic standard that is now, and always has been, fantasy.
"Get to the f*cking point!" 
Yes sir.  The point is simply this: 
"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." 
As children, we are kept from things our parents deem dangerous to our development; despite whether or not they are correct.  But since we are adults, we are capable of handling the more aberrant aspects of language, art, sex, food.   
To be frank: 
-  Censoring what you deem inappropriate based on a "Leave it to Beaver" ideal does not foster an 'adult' community.  You instead stifle legitimate MATURE expression. (Irony?)
Now, as much I respect the vastness of the English language, some times one just needs to vent.  To quote my Calculus Professor, "When you hit your thumb with a hammer, 'on fudge' just doesn't cut it."  Naturally I need to unleash the beast: 
Who the fuck is joining your clan with their fucking family?!  As long as your site caters to Halo and Call of Duty players, you are not fostering "a family friendly site."  As long as my friends are blacklisted due to their ethnicity, as long as my girl is called a "bitch-ass nigger", As long my confederate is bullied by the dredges of the gaming community on your watch ;  you will not be MY FRIEND. So do yourself a favor and take that phrase out your mouth.
Who has not heard of Jack Daniels?  Who doesn't know that pornography exists? (and is a multi-TRILLION dollar industry) How about I do you favor and just replace every word I type with "Peaches" and "Apricot."  Oh wait, the stone fruit is representative of the pleasures of fertility.  CENSOR THAT FRUIT! 
Oh, since I assume you do not speak Latin, maybe you ignorant philistines should Google "In Criso Veritas."  ... Yea, that has been my Clan Motto since I joined.  CENSOR THAT SHIT, BITCHES! 
AH HA!  YeaY-i! 
-EeT MeeL
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Armageddon was garbage.  Guerrilla was a master piece.  Just make Red Faction Guerrilla 2 and introduce full campaign Co-oP.  You can name it what ever you want as long you make an open world Sandbox like RF:G with the Geomod 2.0 and Co-oP, you will have pure gold.  For whatever it is worth, it is a mistake to scrap the entire IP because Armageddon was a dog turd.
Also, I hate that people no longer play the RF:G Multiplayer.

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The First Access demo, is it single or Multiplayer?

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If it were a multiplayer demo, that would be worth it.  I want to see this multiplayer that has everyone up on their soapboxes.

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I got a friend request from "BrinkUK."  Is that related to this community thread?

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