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Premature Judgement 5

Simply: Try the Game.  Rent, Borrow, Gamefly.I have read enough of these malnourished reviews.  Every one seems to have rushed to judgement without truly experiencing the game.  More over, I am sickened by the mentality "If it isn't Halo, it isn't worth playing."  These pandering clowns on Giantbomb are content with slamming down superficial insults like "the guns lack punch" while ignoring that this describes almost every popular multi-player shooter.  So where were these criticisms when Halo r...

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L4D2: Picking up where the first one Left off. 0

Boycotts and accusation of racism aside, this game is another must have title from Valve.  L4D2 kept what worked from L4D, and changed what did not work.  If you were a fan of Left 4 Dead One, you will love Left 4 Dead 2.  The zombie hordes have been improved, in both visual flavor and behavioral mechanics.  There has been another Versus mode added, Scavenge, that plays much quicker then a full Versus Campaign.  With the addition of  "Team Versus" teams of 4 can find other teams of 4 to face for...

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