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hitbox is shit and also i'm sick of exploits on maps, i'm just gonna say "go go go Counter Strike Source"

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none, wait for Half Life 3

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FIRST BLOOD - 50g "Have sex with a (female) Virgin"

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" @MB said:
I'm also on PC... how do I use those cheats?  I don't want to break my game, I want to earn it all, but like if I get to a part where I have only seconds left to beat a mission or my save is ruined... I'd like to be able to give myself more time. "
I personally use a trainer, u can find them on gamecopyworld and or cheathappens (sorry if "advertising" isn't allowed on the forums)
So far i'm loving the game cuz of the trainer :)
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@Mones said:
" I haven't come back to this series since GTA2.  There are only so many sick ramps I can hit :( "
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but if he dies, then who was fruit dealer?

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i am 12 and what is this?

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@MB said:
" I have no desire to play through the rest of this, no. I should have waited to buy it, it'll probably collect dust forever like so many other ill-advised purchases. "
Might sound dumb, but in my experience this game is WAY more fun with... cheats, YES I SAID IT, GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!?! (sorry just had to, 10am here in norway)
anyway, all the little things that annoyed me like i dunno, the god damned time limit can be stopped/changed to be pretty much whatever u want and also
the fact that my fucking broadsword can kill 20 zombies before magically breaking is also bullshit, so yeah i just started playing with cheats and oh man
im seriously having a good time! (Some might call this gamebreaking or whatever, well i don't care)
also, if it wasn't obvious i'm playing on the pc :)
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yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh boooooooooooiiiiiiii

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There really isn't any use uppgrading, you probly wont notice the diffrence... sure there is a fps diffrence but remember you can't see more than 60ish anyway sooo whats the point?