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I'm worried about all the games comin out in general, so many 360ports to the pc...
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i agree 100%, i mean yeah sure it looks nice and well they fixed some issues, but... 
i play the game and all i can think about is "wow... this is so fucking boring, iv'e done this 6times allready!"
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there´s a trick! 
if you change your location to say Africa, you will allways get connection, well because there are like  5 people that pre ordered the game there :P

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After i read no dedicated servers i decided NOT to buy the game... CoD was BORN on the PC, so for them to go out there and FUCK AROUND with the old gameplay style because they believe everyone has consoleretardness when it comes to multiplayer is just stupid! 
CoD is a game that has a huge MOD community and it should stay that way! 
Furthermore how are you supposed to play "pro" matches? i mean sure we can become friends on IW NET lol but that doesn't make any lick of sense...
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well i'll get it anyway :D
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what is GTA?
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wierd thing is that the bonus does not come to the PC Pre-Order or atleast it doesn't say so ..

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that's why i live in Norway,  
also the legal sex age is 16 here YAAY

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i loved the irish mob chat in the car while drivin to the bank :D

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@strangeling said:
" @eezo said:  and actually i CAN afford games, and i probly will buy this game, BUT i download the games that are released a fucking MONTH later for the pc just because the developer has to "work on PhysX" wich is odd, it works fine on the demo ?"  It's easy to say, but you "probly" WON'T buy this game, because you've already played & beat it and why buy a game you've already played & beat when you can spend that cash on something new? "
Well  because it's a really good game and it's actually the developers SECOND game and i'd like them to continue making awesome games!