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well, to be fair i had issues with it when i first started playing, but as you learn the range/speed of detection aswell as get more juice for your power meter it gets easier to walk past 10-15 guards undetected, so imo it shouldn't be necessary to change anything, if they do just make it go abit slower i guess

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So i found this on reddit, and well, i guess i'm not the only one who wants GTA5 on the PC, signup and support your PC brethren

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So this is just a simple question really, if you buy/pre-order a game like Darksiders 2 and you have to wait 1extra week

just to get it in EU, is it wrong to "pirate" the game even if you have bought it?

Personally i waited just due to having other games to play but if i didn't have them i would probably download it

or use VPN to unlock it.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Nah, it's still shit.

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As a wizard i can deal with most traits but i have to say Fast is the worst if you think of a single one, but then again if you think about combo's i have to say

fast + jailer or jailer + mortar, if i see any of these i either try to avoid them or simply start the section over because i know i won't be able to kill them, this is

on inferno ofcourse..

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People farm because they want to max out their character, it's the same as in any MMO, you farm a certain raid (or raids) to get a specific item.

Now the main difference is that in diablo loot is randomized so there is alot less chance to get the "perfect" item for you or your build, but this again

makes it so much more rewarding when you finally get it. As a side note, i'm on act2 inferno, getting my ass kicked.. so i'm playing on my low level

barbarian while waiting for the inferno nerf (1.0.3)

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@SmasheControllers: actually GTA4 runs just fine now

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@Humanity said:

@Dezztroy said:

People play CoD professionally? Ahahaha, that's funny.

Tons of kids on YouTube that post CoD gameplay and get YouTube sponsorships that make enough money to buy a new Benz.

Still doesn't make them "professionals" as in, they don't go to tournaments etc. they just get money of comercials, anyone can do that in theory.

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i'm considering getting it when i get home from work! hope it's awesome =)

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@WildFloyd said:

Just thought i'd try to get back into LoL this afternoon, did some comp stomp as it were and perfomed ok at kayle. Thought I'd try a pvp match and follow some tips and a decent build: nothing but arseholery (even though I was about 2 levels ahead of the rest of the team of most of the first half). It's currently uninstalling. It's just not worth the stress.

thats pretty much LoL/moba games in general..