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No words will express this teribble news...

GB crew has been in my life since Gamespot times. I feel literally speechless and sad as if my family member died.

My deepest condolences to Ryan's family and the GB crew... Thanks for countless hours of fun! I will really miss you Ryan. You'll be in our hearts for ever.

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Don't forget about Alex and Dave as well :>

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Maybe he was the 5000th one? :)

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Indeed, I have a VISA, so this may be it. Well, I'd also prefer to use Paypal if it was available.
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@brndedhero said:
" Hey, does anyone know when paypal support is coming as at the moment they don't accept my weird European credit cards?  EDIT: Sorry if this has already been asked a bunch "
I'm from Europe and used my European credit card, worked without any problems.
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Well, I upgraded to silver for now. Definately, if I like the extra content of the site, I'm ready to go for Gold. Besides the GB crew deserves it.
But non-the-less I still think that bombcasts should be free. I would support it anyways.

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Now that's what the Game Room should look like ;)  
@M$ shame on you :>

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god damn utube, what was the video?

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