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Itis easy to get all hyperbolic about it. It genuinely looks stunning, really cannot wait for it to release.

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That little piggy Ancelotti won't win the league, he isn't good enough.
Arsenal will win it.

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Snap, I'm on it all the time, steam id is efeilguy167. Absolutely love this game. 

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I don't trust people who use normal, I irrationally think they haven't been gaming very long. Obvioulsly, it's all about playing inverted, pc or console. Anything else and you're all bacon faces.

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The quality of the video isn't that great considering that it's to be released this year. It will come out but I hope it's an elaborate prank or something. I just don't quite understand how they could justify releasing a sequel having not full fleshed this one out.

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I've played about 24 hours of the multiplayer online and probably about three levels of the single player. It's unremarkable so far and because of it I can't be bothered to play any more of it.

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On the 360 I mainly used the Soldier, but on the pc I've changed to the Heavy. I just love my sandviches.

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I've just got a computer that can play this and tf2 nicely, I'm well into tf2 as I've got friends who play it as well but I know it's only a matter of time until I become a css addict.

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I've already got it for the ps3 but I'd definitely buy it again, I've already got two versions of metal gear solid 2 and 3. I love the series.

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I just started to play this again from scratch. Absolutely loved it the first time through so cannot wait to get back into it again. I would also highly recommend the Lost and Damned. It's a fantastic expansion, one that will last you a great deal. I suspect that it's still pretty expensive but it truly is worth it.

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