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I'm only slightly irritated in that Vivienne was basically dismissed instantly because I think Vinny confused her for Cassandra.

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I think it would be really great if everyone in this game spoke with flawless French accents.

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I'll play this one too.

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@ethanielrain said:

Left on D-Pad also

Annoyingly, this doesn't seem to work on PC, and there's no way to remap controls.

These posts back to back created a murderous roller coaster of emotions for me.

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I'm kinda super into everyone except for Cole and that's just because it feels like I'm missing something with him. His book probably isn't that important but it still leaves that impression.

Still, I think I like Sera the most. Her banters with everyone else are great and the little prank event in Skyhold was really endearing.

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Actually feel like more than any previous game the choices in previous games play a role here. Specifically for the "Ashes" quest line which seemed entirely geared around reminding you what you did in prior games and with whom. One thing I'll say about DA2 is it was smart of them to set up a last name that can't be changed, because the DA1 hero has to constantly be referred to as "hero of Ferelden" and its goofy. And both are mentioned in several conversations.

The Surname was unchangeable in Origins too there were just a bunch of them and probably not worth all of the extra recording. It's too bad because that moniker does get a bit awkward.

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Man I love Dragon Age 2 no qualifiers needed with me.

His boss fight is very multistaged and positional so it's a lot of fun. Much of the same reasons why I love the High Dragons in this game.

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I kinda just really like Corypheus because of his rad boss fight in DA2.

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Solas basically just loves anything that involves you learning things from him, so almost all Investigate options are approval gains.

The only time I've seen disapproval is for just being kind of stubbornly close minded about certain topics. The demons aren't your friends dammit!

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I mean I did kind of the same thing and spent way too much time in that zone and I enjoyed it well enough but after the fact I was just staring back and realizing that I had extended the games tutorial section by like 6 hours. None of that stuff goes away if you progress and you'll have MORE things to get lost in if you do some of that stuff just a little bit later.