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@smcn: Yeaahh but... Mass 3 was delayed and I want to say Dragon Age 2 was delayed as well. I'm not saying that DA3 will be bad, but considering BioWare's recent track record I have to say that delays from them is starting to become a bad omen.

I can't remember if it was delayed but Dragon Age 2 was forced out in a year, and even with it's obvious problems I think they managed pretty well for that sort of crunch. With a proper development time and now extra time for polish I'm not all that worried.

I thought ME3 turned out great so I guess nothing to add there.

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No delay for Dragon Age will annoy me after the rush DA2 got. Take all the time needed.

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Never really thought a lot of it before but I can't really think of anything that I have a genuine aversion to eating. If there is food about and I'm hungry I'm kinda just down with eating what's there.

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@heyguys: You think Drake is an a-hole? You monster, he's a lovable rogue.

Lovable monster.

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1) I assume Patrick didn't finish collecting the Maurice's dead drops. He would've made a more informed decision about Maurice's fate at the end

2) Patrick thinks this game is the origin story of a hacking super hero? Where the hell did he get that information? With all the crime and rampant murdering, he's more of an anti-hero.

I'm not sure the informed decision matters though. Even if you find the dead drops Pearce doesn't really give a shit about what he learns from them.

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So can we all agree that Watch Dogs is a bad, overrated game now?

'Fraid not.

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I guess I just didn't get any sense of 'Can't live without you' in the ending, just an acceptance of Cloudbanks fate. With no indication of anyone else surviving the Process Red seemed to come to the same conclusion that I did in that there was very little value in reviving the empty husk of Cloudbank.

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Controller all the way through. Wouldn't change it for nothin.

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I kind of ignored most of the Function bios for my first playthrough and I thought the core story came together pretty tightly near the end. I'd probably agree that Sybils function is the only optional one that is really important. Maybe the Camerata terminals as well but they're all directly in your path.

The only thing I came away from the game confused about was The Spine and why exactly it was having the effect it did on the Transistor. Kinda seemed like that went nowhere at all unless I just missed something entirely.

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Loved it.

Played really well, I enjoyed the story once everything started to come together near the end, and really ended up preferring the Transistors active participation in the narrative over the Narrator in Bastion. It's also a game that ended really well and that's apparently become something very difficult to do of late.