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Saw it last night and had a great time. I really liked the first one and I thought this one was better.

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Screened as was great, and it really made me much more interested in film news and reviews. It really was one-of-a-kind.

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Cheez-its are the best cheesy snack cracker.

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Thanks for the update, Rorie. You're doing an awesome job--it's great to have you around!

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I'm getting quite sick of Theon arc like everyone else. I feel like checking in with him every couple episodes would be much better. Besides that, I really enjoyed the latest episode.

I can't wait to see the dragons in action.

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@mezmero said:

I once toured Great Britain, France, and Belgium with my grandma. Does that count or does it need to be game related?

I find that pretty cool. I want would like to make a trip through Europe of some point. Traveling is the greatest.

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Have you tried disabling your extensions to see if one of them is causing it?

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Should they maybe use a different service for what is basically a pre-order? Maybe, but Kickstarter allows for some interesting features that I don't think others websites offers--such as stretch goals and different reward tiers.

Each episode will be sold with the "pay what you want" method, so they are implying that each episode of the podcast is worth spending money on. If you don't think that a podcast should be paid for, that's an entirely different issue. Those who pay $10 will have earlier access to each episodes, and are essentially paying 50 cents an episode.

I would find something better to be angry about.

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Having the same problem as everyone else--getting an error when posting.

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Today is a good day.