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I live in a city where it would be an absolute nightmare to drive with a manual transmission on a daily basis, and I already hate driving as it is; I choose automatic.

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@jasonr86: I don't understand your emotional reaction to the video with Bill Nye. He speaks calmly and isn't very aggressive. How is that a temper tantrum? Also, equating those who who hold to the scientific theory of evolution to those who believe in creationism is misleading. Are there jerks who hold every point of view? Yeah, definitely. But, that doesn't change the fact that one is an evidenced based scientific theory and the other is nowhere close to that.

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Awesome work. That's pretty cool.

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The best you can do is speak to the department chair, but chances are, it will not do anything. I took a sociology class as an elective this semester, and the professor has gotten increasingly volatile and says very inappropriate things. I followed procedure and contacted the chair but never received a response.

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Yeah, but I really wish I had been taught a second language as a child.

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There goes Cersei fucking it up for everyone again.

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Yes! I was waiting for a deal like this. Can't wait to play it.

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Going to the movies alone is great--I like go alone a few times a year now.

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Great to see you back at Giant Bomb! It'll be great seeing you around.

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I've written this game down so many times I'm starting to lose hope... The Last Guardian.