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I honestly don't understand where these complaints are coming from in the last week. The first hour of last weeks podcast was incredibly funny.

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The Bombcast is consistently one of the best parts of my week. It's been that way since it started, and it hasn't changed.

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I think so, and especially compared to other forms of media. I'm sure in half a century another scapegoat will appear.

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@starvinggamer: All of the Fusion upgrades as well, simultaneously? A good boost at the beginning if so.

Yeah, it's a pretty good boost. You'll also get the achievement for collecting all the fusion upgrades without actually collecting all the real bottles if you haven't got it already.

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Boneless is the only way! Food should be more convenient to eat; next up, crab-less crab!

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Man, people look for a reason to get upset about everything--and it wasn't even Patrick! I've played through the game and they didn't spoil anything.

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Elizabeth made me feel bad for drawing first, but I did it for our safety! How much does the dialogue change afterwards depending on your choice?

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I think #5 is a pretty good criticism. If she only communicated with Songbird, and read books, how is she so socially aware?

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I would recommend using Duolingo as a jumping off point. Take advantage of the free services before you gamble on Rosetta Stone!

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12. So she does some time lord god magic and merges all timelines into their origin point at the baptism, and drowns Booker, preventing him from ever becoming Comstock and eliminating all relevant realities

Ahh! This has been confusing me since I finished the game earlier today. I was wondering how drowning Booker would affect all the other timelines, but now realizing she has the ability to merge possible worlds makes it all make sense now.

It's not that she really merges them. She modifies the entire "Booker gets baptized" branch into "Booker gets baptized and dies in the process", which kills that entire reality. You must remember that the multiplied realities result from the Luteces interfering and bringing the Pinkerton!Booker into the Comstock!Booker reality - he makes his choices there, he fails, they do it again.

I think I'm starting to get a clearer picture. Does this explain why a Pinkerton!Booker wakes up after the credits--because Elizabeth only eliminated the possible worlds where DeWitt accepted the baptism? Also, could you explain, or point me to an explanation of the different Elizabeth's at the end? Shouldn't there be a lot more of them?