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The laws for length and type often vary for knives, but I'm almost certain carrying a samurai sword is illegal.

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Naughty Dog, Rockstar, and Bungie are who immediately come to mind. I haven't always enjoy their games as much as I thought I would, but I've never been truly disappointed because they make quality games.

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How do I always miss it when people get banned? I feel left out.

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Platinum. They made Bayonetta, which means if they need my goddamn skin to keep doing what they do, I'm going to have to find a potato peeler and a box to mail it in.

Great, now I have that mental image stuck in my head right before I try and go to sleep. Curse you!

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Not often, but occasionally When I took a short trip overseas last summer, I loaded up my iPhone with GOTY podcasts stretching back several years--it made the monotonous travel quite enjoyable.

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Eight kills and zero deaths! This game is addicting.

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@philantrophy said:

I wonder what will be included in the premium SKU.

I'm guessing just HDD differences.

Do you think the premium SKU might include the Move camera and a controller, or do you think that will be a separate bundle?

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I think so! I just ordered a PS3 today to play a bunch of games that I've missed. Besides, who wants to miss out on The Last of Us anyway?

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I was not disappointed that they didn't show the hardware. I'm sure it'll look fine. The conference exceeded my expectations (even though I really wanted to see The Last Guardian).

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