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@believer258: Ten million dollars. If necessary, I could buy sex every night for five years!

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Let's get this party started! Just finished the Bombcast in time for this.

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Everyday, Chie.

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Give me a release date for The Last Guardian on the PS4 and I'll purchase the console on launch day.

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Please Sony, give a release date for The Last Guardian--I'm begging you.

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The Sea World in my city made one with a walrus doing sit-ups. How can I complain?

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<p>When attempting to login with Chrome on iOS, it loads the security warning page where it says, "This site's security certificate is not trusted!"</p><p>Clicking the "Proceed anyway" button just loads the homepage again. Has anyone else had this issue?</p><p>I'm running the latest version of iOS and am using a 4th generation iPad.</p>

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We are majority! We demand to be made the default once again!

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I've broken my nose and a bone in my ankle. I have worse memories of the joints I've sprained... Sprains are awful.

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I never used that section. I'm not a fan of scrolling.