An easy 3 step guide to remaking Sonic Rush for 3DS

Below is an actual screenshot of Sonic Rush DS, followed by a poorly made mockup of my idea for what Sonic Rush 3DS should look like:

The idea is that Sonic Rush shouldn't be upscaled to 3DS resolution, but rather the extra screen space / pixel density will be used for a larger field of view. This is important as it gives you more time to react to hazards at high speeds.

However, the 3DS system poses two problems, one is the fact that the screens are no longer identical, and the other is the fact that only the top screen has stereoscopic 3D. Personally I play with the 3D effect turned off, but the existence of this feature nonetheless renders the dual-screen aspect of the original Sonic Rush redundant. The new version would almost certainly need to be one screen only.

In that case, then the game could also be for Vita, PSN/XBL, WiiU, and/or PC.

Now, with that matter taken care of, there are at least two changes that are absolutely essential for this new version of Sonic Rush:

1) New soundtrack

And I don't mean remix the soundtrack, I mean throw it out completely and make a new one from scratch. You can still let people choose the original soundtrack if they want to. Such an option would be good for those who like terrible music in their games.

The idea isn't really anything new. The updated port of Sonic CD lets you choose from both the JP/EU and US soundtracks. And even Sonic R for the Saturn had the option to disable lyrics -- essentially, the game had two soundtracks.

Although a newly made soundtrack for Sonic Rush would be great, the game could instead just reuse various tunes from Sonic series. I honestly wouldn't even mind. In fact, below is an example playlist I made, using tunes only from the robust Sonic CD JP/EU soundtrack. Pretty clever, huh? This way, the soundtrack is stylistically consistent (being all from the same game) while also being similar in tone to the Sonic Rush soundtrack, while being drastically less shitty.

2) Story rewrite

Now, the main reason this is needed is so Blaze's fear of heights can be retconned.

Seriously, that alone makes it the worst storyline in the series. Never has gameplay-story disconnect occurred where one outright contradicted the other so glaringly. Blaze having a fear of heights would be as ridiculous as if Sonic had a fear of speed, or a fear of robots.... or a fear of heights.

It may not look it, but rest assured Sonic is shitting his pants in terror.

Foy crying out loud, the game even has a stage where you play as Blaze, named ALTITUDE LIMIT.

And that stage has HANGLIDING SEQUENCES.

And it is only the 2nd to last stage before the cutscene where it is revealed that Blaze has a fear of heights. (Yea, sure)

Really, the scene is probably just a shameless, pathetic attempt to evoke empathy from the player, with fear of heights being the gimmick. Blaze is scared. She needs a friend to protect her. D'awww.


It's not even as if you can argue that Blaze is afraid only of heights past a certain level. That's she's only afraid of extreme heights, whereas the meager, in-game heights she can handle.

Because thanks to Altitude Limit we know one thing, and that is, that if there is a maximum height that Blaze could tolerate without getting scared, then that height is, roughly speaking... the highest conceivable height that could exist.

All story in the Sonic Rush port could be removed altogether and that would be fine and dandy. But the port/remake is an excellent opportunity to deal with the fear of heights problem. Why pass that up?

Sonic Rush was Blaze's debut appearance for crissakes. There isn't even much story in this game, yet what little there is pretty much revolved around her, and her implausible, poorly written fear.

Sonic Rush is the Metroid Other M of the Sonic series, and Samus is Blaze.

Gameplay changes

Now that I got the important stuff out the way, that just leaves the gameplay engine and mechanics, which are probably functional as they are. With the above changes, including the added field of view, the game should prove to be quite playable.

I could probably go on and on brainstorming ideas on improving or refining Sonic Rush's gameplay. So I will keep it simple. The thing that should seriously be considered changed is the trick system. Really, how many Sonic titles have a trick system? When was a trick system ever needed? To my knowledge, all later Sonic titles (excluding Sonic Riders) either don't have a trick system, or have a dumbed down trick system, like in Sonic Colors Wii. (just "flick the Wii remote repeatedly") Honestly, I would say the trick system in Sonic Rush should be dumbed down, or removed. Or just have it so tricks occur automatically, so players can better focus on the game.

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