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don't. The 3DS XL is ugly, unergonomic, and pretty poor quality. Why would you trade a far superior device away all because Sony said they will not be supporting it as much? You pretty much said yourself vita is better than 3ds. Just go with which you concretely like more and not worry about what companies say.

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I will be skipping the PS4, since I already have the Amazon Fire Kinect all-in-one entertainment box which does not only games, but TV and movies as well and delivers it in a streamlined interface. And it is made by the same company who brought us Windows 8.

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Look I like Phil Fish but at this point I'm really just sick of this shit. How many times has he quit life (twitter) and returned months/year later only to quit some time later (new record today, only a few hours). I respect the guy and agree with a lot of what he says. Based on his last tweets that Dick_Bonerflex posted, I absolutely agree with that, but he says things then rage quits so no one can contact him. It is cowardly to state an opinion then run away when people are going to attack you (whether the attacks have a base or not). Notch hasn't quit twitter yet and I bet he is currently getting more heat than Phil.

Phil, I love ya, I want Fez II to be made but come on. You don't want to accept the consequences of stating your opinion time after time.

yes, we should all be silent so as not to incite the ire of the masses

that is maturity

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some things you can't hate without internet. Such as Super Mario Bros 2 and on-disc DLC. For instance, you didn't know to hate SMB2 until you find out that it's a rip of Doki Doki Panic. And you don't know DLC is on-disc until you read about it on the internet.

So the question is whether these things should count. The thread is titled "Games you didn't know people hated until the internet" not "Games you didn't know people hated after using the internet"

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Nonsense. The Amazon Fire Kinect is designed to be an all in one modern entertainment device brought to us by the engineers at Microsoft. It is by default superior for movies and television than anything made by a has-been Japanese toy company like Sony.

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it is not the worst Zelda because the worst is Wind Waker

although Majora's Mask might be the worst

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which does 60 fps? 1080p? better graphics? graphical settings? user created content/mods? which has free online? which lets you use you favorite controller? which lets you remap buttons? which has more games? which has games that are the more inexpensive?

or get ps4 because it has a touch surface on its controller holy shit. move aside WiiU because the king of next gen, PS4, has arrived

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At the end of the day, all we are is twitchy piles of carbon and water.

That may not be true. Carbon and water are not supposed to have consciousness. As far as physical science is concerned, nothing has consciousness.

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The term next gen has lost meaning for me. PS and Xbox are not next gen anymore. (if they ever were) They are 30 fps, sub HD, paid online, no BC, no controller BC, "give-us-money" boxes. There's virtually nothing next gen about them. And I learned last gen that if you're not playing an online game then the experience is profoundly similar to playing on a PS2--it is a lonely vacuum where the hardware is of little consequence.

A vast majority of single player games available for the 360 and PS3 simply could not have worked on the PS2 even with the graphics toned way down.

Vast majority? I can quote you on that?

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OP do you wear glasses?