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Don't expect to see men hurting/killing women in media anytime soon. Or ever.

For that matter, displaying the combatants as equals can probably be considered sexist. Y'all know how Anita said: "The harmful misogynist myth this trope reinforces". Well the harmful misogynist myth this trope reinforces could be argued to be that violence against women is a 50/50 conflict between good and evil and that hurting the woman was an act of triumph.

So yea, don't look for "equality" here.

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@vierastalo: So unoriginal of him right? Pffft grandmaster my ass XD

He is just talking that it is not only the male characters that are made to have a "pose" on covers of action media , ladies too.

no that is not what I'm saying... I'm saying that they made Black Widow pose that way and probably because she is female.

Here is the image I saw to make this thread. Maybe I should have posted this image instead:

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It jars me every time I see it.

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I myself really enjoy difficulty sliders that make a appreciable difference in the game, such as those in DmC that remix enemy locations and combinations.

What difficulty anybody likes playing on is up to them, duder. Not all games/gamers get/give enjoyment out of difficulty. Some games are just pure catharsis, just see the Dead Rising series.

However, a lot of games aren't really designed around high difficulties. This is why the Dark Souls series is so popular and not rage-inducing for a lot of people, as the game is designed around the difficulty.

Just take Bioshock Infinite for example. The Bioshock series always tries to encourage experimentation with weapon/plasmid/tonic combinations to find the most effective way in combat. I decided to play through Bioshock Infinite in 1999 mode. Sure, it was 'difficult' but only because the moment I poked my head out I got massacred, and three good attacks meant death. The whole play through just turned into me hiding behind cover, and throwing out lightning every so often and using the handcannon. There was literally no room for experimentation. I didn't feel accomplished, just that the whole thing was a massive chore. Literally ALL the 1999 mode did was increase enemy health, accuracy, and damage. The fact that the gear in that game was randomized on pickup really shoots the idea of having a solid strategy in a 'hardcore mode' in the head; you just have to hope that you get the gear you need for a good playthrough.

Well look at this way.. if you picked normal all the time, on one hand you might find some games too easy, but on the other hand you would've enjoyed Bioshock Infinite better, as well as avoid other instances where normal is the real difficulty level while hard mode is a hack job.

So either way you win some and you lose some, without knowing which. This is the illusion of "choice".

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"how burdening the Bombcrew found cooking meat, especially chicken."

I'm not sure why ppl buy meat so much... it is highly unsanitary, comes in a lot of packaging, it often contains bones, they require a lot of preparation and/or cooking time, and it tastes bland unless lots of flavoring is used. (and often the inside is still bland)

Plus the flesh has been stripped, washed, and cut up for you by butchers, so there's less of a do-it-yourself feeling. It's almost like you're buying frozen pizza, throwing some sauce on it, and calling that a home cooked meal.

Never really got meat. :p

Anyway, I use a meat thermometer, but not for cooking. If you know what I mean.

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a) wipe your hands after touching the tap (using a paper towel, your clothes, or just rub your hands together if it makes you feel less grossed out)

b) get one of these

portable / travel-size hand sanitizers. You can find them at Duane Reade or probably any drugstore.

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Personally, whenever someone plays a game with me and is trying to decide a difficulty, I'll nudge them towards the more difficult choice if I know they can handle it.

Personally, the correct choice is the one labelled NORMAL.

As it is presumably the choice the game devs intended. It is thereby more logical that a game would not offer you a choice at all.

Read more about my logic here:

Normal is the difficulty casual players are choosing. It is the difficulty for the wider audience not the gamer most people here are.

Do you presume all game devs design their difficulties for a wider audience? If you play a Devil May Cry game on normal, your experience is meant for a casual player?

Also, a game doesn't ask if you are casual or a gamer. It simply asks easy or hard. And those are meaningless quantifiers. All you can really assume is that hard is harder than normal, and that normal is harder than easy.There isn't really a logical choice, but it is most arbitrary to pick something other than normal.

There is a bit of egotism at play in choosing a harder difficulty. You care more about making an illusory choice than you do about difficulty, because if you cared about difficulty you would realize you know nothing about what you chose until you've played the game on both normal AND hard difficulties. And even then you don't really know, since any difficulty is immensely easier on the second playthrough than it was on the first playthrough. (e.g. picking hard and then normal will make normal look piss easy, and picking normal and then hard will make hard seem suitable for the first playthrough even if it's not)

The game might as well ask you "choose your handsomeness level"

  • > Least handsome
  • > Averagely handsome
  • > Most handsome

Don't pick the middle one. That's the one meant for the wider audience, not for the gamer most people here are.

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ouch, necro'd thread

Well I might as well ask. Does anyone know of any Poker, Hearts, Bridge apps with online play? Or any card game along those lines.