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RE1 sucks but the controls are actually not a problem for me. Had RE been a better game I would probably have been a stern defender of its controls. By comparison I believe in RE4 controls and appreciate it any time a game doesn't use Halo style controls. (except maybe Metroid Prime, since lock-on is very mundane, and it is a game that actually would have benefitted from free look, nay, it probably could never have functioned any other way) Hell I even like PSP shooters, almost as though the fact alone it uses buttons to aim makes it different enough from sticks to be able to appeal to me.

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I am against higher minimum wage because I'm unemployed and I don't want prices to go up.

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By the sound of it you did not even play Resident Evil 6. Of course it is going to be difficult to describe it is bad. To you it is bad not for any practical reasons that prevent your enjoyment.

On the other hand, I'm surprised however that you cannot describe why Aliens Colonial Marines is bad. And I haven't even played it. Have you tried saying simply "It's broken" or "It doesn't work" ?

Though I suppose we can't expect nongamers to simply pick up on this stuff, even in cases where it is clear cut.

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Nintendo needs to get their shit together and consolidate the accounts. Sony and Xbox do not use two accounts, only Nintendo does and the accounts barely do anything since you are allowed only one 3DS and one WiiU. Signing up is basically a downgrade from the way they were doing it before! (software tied to system, no logins required)

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I didn't know what to expect when opening this thread, but after reading the Op I have to ask, could it be that you don't know yourself why they are bad games?

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Pokemon should never appear in a Mario Kart.

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another shameless monopolistic practice by Microsoft

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african american versions of all the characters

and genderswaps

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The main thing I would like to see is to have forums tweaked. Right now we see thread title in bold and the forum section in small letters. For example this is how a current thread appears:

Are you guys buying disc or digital?
Playstation 4

It should be the opposite:

Playstation 4
Are you guys buying disc or digital?

When browsing the default forum view (all forum sections mixed) then it makes no sense to do it any other way. A possible exception can be made for General Discussion and Off-Topic, but probably it's best to keep things consistent. Maybe they can be shortened to GD and OT, or just General and Off-Topic.

That said, another issue with the forums is that two separate sections exist named General Discussion and Off-Topic. This is completely unintelligible. If one is for gaming discussion and the other is not, then it should say so. General Discussion should be Gaming Discussion, or, General Gaming.