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protip: if you say Link and the Zelda producer corrects you, then its probably not Link

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I don't see a problem with it other than the sticker. So the moon is a different color, so what? It looks nice.

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I hope they get rid of the randomly triggered encounters or else I am not buying.

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everyone I have ever heard was ecstatic about the throwback style.

but if ff9 sold less that admittedly does corroborate your story. I guess it just to show that its wrong to presume what the majority of ppl like/dislike, since I just did that and was wrong. Maybe you were right. That said FF9 could have sold less due to end console cycle fatigue, sequel fatigue or other factors. Not that it matters to me. I hate FF. :p

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@raven10 said:

@fredchuckdave: So I get you really like Square and Enix (at least in their pre-merger forms) but I think it's fair to say that for most people Final Fantasy IX and Chrono Cross were disappointments (I haven't played either so I have no opinion one way or the other)

This is why there should be a law against saying "for most people"

Actually I remember Chrono Chross being considered a disappointment, probably since people's expectations were set really high by Chrono Trigger, that or they were expecting a direct sequel. However the game is cherished today for whatever reason (call it the Wind Waker Effect) or maybe because the people who cherish it today tend to be slightly younger than the ones who were disappointed by it.

However I don't recall FF9 being considered a disappointment by any stretch of the imagination by anyone, ever. FF8 on the other hand.... omg realistic characters, romance story, draw system, auto-leveling enemies... you didn't hate this game then people probably though you were a jerk. But since nowadays the game is old, it's automatically a masterpiece. Duh!

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Wait, so Vinny knows how to draw, but is using software for people who can't draw?

It's THAT good?

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choose the one that is smaller and weighs less

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the one that has complete movelists in the instruction manual

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Arguably, simply continuing the human species for another 10,000 years with no strings attached would make you a monster. Jut think of all the atrocities that will be committed and tragedies that will during that span of time.

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I had an Xbox 360 in 08 but I thought auto renew was the ONLY option? (and I was not aware that Paypal was a choice, or at least I don't remember) The only way to buy sub time without auto-renew was to buy a code card from a physical store.