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I have to wonder lately if middle tier were the only type of games that are any good at all!

The term AAA is toxic, let the games stands on their gameplay instead of classifying them as inherently superior.

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Yea Jeff is so dumb u guis he only hates blitzball because of.. *reads OP* ..perfectly legitimate reasons? How dare he!!

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As soon as I read the thread title, Metal Gear Peace Walker came to mind. Lo and behold, I enter the thread to see Metal Gear mentioned in the OP. (a different one but still)

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Here are some quickie trophies that don't require playing through most of the game. They are anything but easy, though!

Mushroom Slayer (X)Finish Split Mushroom's stage before entering any of the other stages.

Mushroom Slayer (Zero)Finish Split Mushroom's stage before entering any of the other stages.

Rock'em Sock'em
Defeat Magma Dragoon while in a ride armor for the entire duration of the battle.

Futhermore, the following two trophies require a cheat code:

Ultimate Armor QuestCreate a save file with X that has nothing but the Ultimate Armor. Get up to and defeat General while at no point acquiring any heart tanks or E-Tanks, and while at no point using the X-buster or any boss weapons, and while at no point pressing the dash button.
Ultimate Armor ShowdownDefeat Sigma as Ultimate Armor X without any heart tanks or E-Tanks.

To access the Ultimate Armor: At the character select screen press O twice then left six times, then press Start while holding down L1 and R2. You must continue holding down L1 and R2 until the intro stage begins. (you can press other buttons to skip the cutscenes) If you enter the code correctly, X will be a slightly different color. At that point simply entering any armor capsule will access the Ultimate Armor.

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How's everyone enjoying the game so far by the way? Quite a steal at 96 cents, huh? =)

Back in the day I used to do things like, finish the game without heart tanks, finish the game without E-tanks, etc. So I had this idea for quite a while, but this time around I was able to think of a lot more. I can't wait to get started on them!

p.s. I wasn't sure what color to make each trophy, so I had to wing it. It isn't that important, I just figured the colors would help make these feel a bit more like actual PSN trophies. I gave them names too.

A few of these might be overly difficult and I've never tried doing before, so tell me what you think.

Dash or Charge?Play through the game as X using the default control scheme.

Shopping List
Acquire a full set of armor, both E-Tanks, and at least 7 heart tanks while at no point selecting a stage you have already been to.

Finishing Moves
Create a save file that has only Lightning Web and either buster upgrade. Defeat 7 Maverick bosses while using only charged-up versions of boss weapons to damage them.

Cover Me, I'm Reloading!
Create a save file that has only Lightning Web and the white buster upgrade. Get up to and defeat General while at no point using boss weapons for any purpose.
The Blue Bomber
Defeat Sigma as X while not wearing any armor part upgrades.
God HandCreate a save file that has only Lightning Web and the black buster upgrade. Finish the game without entering any other armor capsules and without acquiring any E-Tanks.

PathfinderFinish the entire game as X without ever using the X-Buster, except during the intro stage and one stage after that. Furthermore, you cannot select a stage you have previously been to.

Note: The Ultimate Armor cheat code is not allowed for any of these. (Duh!)

Below are trophies specifically for Zero. I was originally going to give him a lot more, but afterwards I tried to narrow them down and remove redundant trophies. (e.g. a "no heart tanks" trophy and "no E-Tanks" trophy are functionally the same... it's just two different ways of having less health) Ultimately, Zero just doesn't lend himself to a variety of trophies as well as X does.

S Rank HunterDefeat General as Zero while at no point acquiring any heart tanks or E-Tanks.
Winners Don't Press StartDefeat the final boss as Zero without any E-Tanks.
Wielder of the Elements
Defeat General while at no point using the Z-Saber button except during the intro stage and the first stage after that.


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@burgavo said:

So, am I getting this right in assuming the character you play is a vegan? If so, wouldn't the fact the local diner doesn't serve any vegan options, just deepen her plight and reveal the struggle of small town middle american vegan's and as such ad to the feelings teenage angst and not being understood? Couldn't that be exactly what the devs were going for?

Except that Maxine actually orders the belgian waffles...

Try harder.

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What exactly is "Phoenix Down"? Is it actually a feather from a phoenix and there're phoenix farmers out there in Final Fantasy land raising, killing and plucking phoenixes for what must be a massive industry since their product can literally raise the dead? Is it done humanely?

Don't get me started on people huffing "ether" to get some "magic points".

Except that Life is Strange is set in the real world, and bacon and eggs actually exist. More importantly, we know where bacon and eggs come from. (gestation crates and battery cages, respectively)

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"There's no gluten free option" <-- Why would it matter what your personal health requirements are if Maxine is the one eating, not you? So that's not what this is about.

"can't think of a single videogame that's ever even acknowledged" <-- That's the thing, most games don't make you order food. (and of those games, even fewer that are serious dramas that focus on realistic moral consequences, like Life is Strange)

"It's an interesting thought, but it's also not an accurate depiction of walking into a diner in America." <-- Look, I get it. It's gritty realism. In some games, I see signs for burger joints, or enemies drop health pickups in the form of food, etc. But that's not what this is about. I'm not saying the fictional diner *in* Life is Strange can't serve eggs/bacon. (Hell, even the menu in the game has a picture of bacon on it, if I remember correctly.) Or hell, if Maxine orders either dish on her own, that's fine too. Actually, it's still wrong, but at least it's no different than watching a character in a TV show eat/purchase animal product. When you're forced to participate in the choice, and the game does not proceed until you do, that's crossing the line. At that point the devs are asking for a shitstorm, whether they knew it or not. (or rather, precisely because they didn't know it. It's painfully obvious they didn't)

@lyisa - According to wikipedia, the main ingredients of Belgian waffles include eggs, milk, and butter.

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Check the L/R buttons to see if they are responsive and work consistently when held down. Also, if it's a 1000 (non-slim) model, check if the L/R button creaks. I hear this is a common issue on the OLED models, including my own, although I took steps to try and fix it.