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Good thing I was away from mixlr when a narc bust was going down.

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Thanks Danny! Watching for first time because of podcast, and it was a great crash course.

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Typing "Dark Souls" to get to the videos related to that game doesn't work anymore.

And if I go to the Games page tab I can't even search by name there. I have to pick find by letters, style of game, publishers and dates. I just want to put the name in and get to it. Thanks.

EDIT: So I put "From Software" in developer and hitting enter key or clicking on the "This form is awesome!" button isn't doing anything either. The publisher query section doesn't work or I'm missing something.

EDIT2: Plan B, used Google to get to the page.

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Nice, thanks. There's hope for MP because the producer that worked on MP for Killzone 2 left the company, but luckily he's back and they kicked the guy that made Killzone 3 MP a mess.

Also in the trailer it looks like dedicated servers are back with all the custom matches, just like Killzone 2, so if they add back the clan support it seems like a return to the good old days.

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This forum is in the cloud. Mind blown.

Would be nice if MS referred to it as Azure since that's the name of the network, instead of cloud nonsense.

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@darji said:

@thrice_604 said:

Its interesting for him to flat out say boosting graphical quality in the cloud will not work very well. Its something Microsoft never attributed to their cloud network and is not on the same level with everything else they've said but people on message boards use this defense every time someone questions the importance of cloud computing.

And great for him to clarify about the cloud based matchmaking. It was one of the few things I was like ehh maybe Live does have this one feature. Thats awesome for both consoles. The current state of affairs on 360 and PS3 matchmaking sucks.

To be fair they said. With the Cloud the Xbox one will be 40 times more powerful than without the cloud. And This alone is just bullshit. I think Mattrick said that.

Microsoft totally claimed Cloud would be a big boost to lighting and volumetric fog. After the press conference they had Xbox One designers on stage spouting lighting and fog, which they repeated to the press.

Ars Technica Article

"Let’s say you’re looking at a forest scene and you need to calculate the light coming through the trees, or you’re going through a battlefield and have very dense volumetric fog that’s hugging the terrain," he said. "Those things often involve some complicated up-front calculations when you enter that world, but they don’t necessarily have to be updated every frame. Those are perfect candidates for the console to offload that to the cloud—the cloud can do the heavy lifting, because you’ve got the ability to throw multiple devices at the problem in the cloud."

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@humanity said:

@ntm: Yah, so I'm not saying that @demoskinos is a dirty rotten liar, I'm just saying he's completely wrong ;^)

He's not wrong. PS3 version does have V-Sync enabled at the start. The difference with the PS3 is it's adaptive V-Sync so that it turns off when things are hairy and frames drop low. Otherwise it's on.

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Been playing a fair amount, and haven't had that issue yet.

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Nothing wrong with objective criticism, buy fuuuuuuck. I didn't watch the entire thing, but saw a large chunk before Justin which was absolutely nothing but snarky laughter and negativity. Odd to be that down on something.

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I'm not joking when I say that the video in the OP sent me over here with $50 in my hand for a membership.

and I've met the guys at Verge, they are alright, but that was just ... hard to watch.

Also drop by Ars again sometime. Kuchera is long gone. ;)

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@ehker: Permadeath definitely strikes a fear in your heart. It also can make the game much more repetitive, depending on whether you're willing to live with certain deaths. I would play with it on - it really makes you quite cautious and tense with how you approach scenarios. There are some arguments to playing with it off, I think - I've heard one person say that since you immediately restart after you lose someone, you don't get the "picking up the pieces" aspect of dealing with a shitty situation. But, if you're willing to let people die, or at least some people, permadeath adds a very cool aspect to the game.

Getting tense because you don't want to restart will probably make it more interesting. Thanks!