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It's kind of funny to say since I didn't really know the guy in real life, but I actually kind of had trouble sleeping because of the news so I didn't really have any dreams that I can think of. I think my mind still thinks it's going to be some sort of weird joke in a way.

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I still hope that the next season is completely unrelated to the first (I don't mind some of the surviving characters showing up or minor nods) I liked how Clem's story ended and don't think it needs to be continued.

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It's automatic so it's nothing to worry about, the only extra charge you'd get is if you wanted to order a shirt or something for the additional shipping costs, but if it's only the membership you want there shouldn't be a problem.

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She is fine, as are all characters in BL2. I don't understand why people on this site hate them so much. Tbh, I suspect it has something to do with the "follow the giantbomb crew" mentality that happens here quite often.

I hate when people on the site use that defense, I mean sure the giantbomb guys obviously have influential opinions because well that's kind of the basis of their job, but it's not like this site holds them up as some sort of perfect messiahs (sometimes comments on the videos can even get quite vicious towards them) and there are generally a pretty diverse range of opinions on the boards (just look at the forums for Bioshock Infinite or The Last of Us to see the variety to name recent examples)

People just have different tastes in humour, honestly I quite enjoyed the episodes of Hey Ash Whatcha' Playin I've seen but don't enjoy the character particularly. It seems a lot of it just sort of stems from that most of the jokes are she's a little girl but she's all violent and crazy without much more depth to her in terms of humour at least, I just find it all a little grating.

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If you find yourself looking at a blank screen, try turning on your PC instead of pouring liquids in your monitor.

If your chosen browser walks away from you while trying to post on the forum it may in fact be a cat, Giantbomb is not compatible with most animals.

If you find symbols on the site eluding to Illuminati related activities please absorb their influence subliminally and continue browsing.

Apart from that have fun and welcome to the community!

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I enjoyed it for a while in co-op, but even playing it that way it got real old real fast, I didn't find the combat particularly enjoyable either and it had a weird ugly look to it that I didn't enjoy (I can't really put my finger on what I didn't like about how it looked either, it's kind of weird)

Perhaps I would have liked it more if I played with the different combat options suggested by Brad (though the game does a poor job at telling you there is an alternative) but I doubt the story would have been interesting enough for me to finish it on single-player (since my friends got bored of it) judging from what I had seen up to the point I stopped (Just at the end of the town area)

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@humanity said:

It's mainly stupid because no one writes PSFour so why would we write Xbone if not for some adolescent giggle.

If it's the PS4 then it's the XB1 or the XBO whichever. Put let's keep rolling with it, haha cause you know.. I used to call it the xbone and then I took AN ARROW TO THE KNEE lolol c'mon anyone?!

Well to be fair the PS4 is called the Playstation 4 when not abbreviated, I've never seen anyone actually write out the 4 part of the name. The Xbox One on the other hand is not called the Xbox 1 so they kind of made their own bed in a way.

Not that I disagree with you, internet humour does tend to get old very fast, I've just been calling it the Xbox but if people want to have their fun with the name it's no real skin off my nose.

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@joshwent said:

@starvinggamer said:

If we add up all the extra costs possible for the PS4 and assume that Microsoft will be giving that shit away for free, then the prices almost become comparable.


Because there's absolutely no reason to assume that's the case?

Also, It's totally true that Kinect is packed in with the $500 XOne and the Sony Camera is not and will cost an extra $60 bucks in addition to the $400 console. But to me, though, this is a wonderful thing. It's Sony saying, "Hey, we have a cool gizmo that you could get if you want to play games with it.", versus Microsoft saying, "So what if it's hiking up the price? So what if you're not really interested? So what if we still haven't shown you that it actually works at all? You'll take our Kinect and you'll like it!"

You realise he was being sarcastic right?

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The Sony conference was pretty great, £349 is a good price and the used game stuff is shocking but good to hear, my only real concern was the lack of exclusive games (despite third party stuff like Destiny and Kingdom Hearts looking good) it seems most of their actual exclusives were the titles announced at the previous conference.

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Cheap as free!

I miss Homestar Runner, it was one of few internet comedy things that didn't rely on someone swearing at a camera.

Anyway I have been meaning to pay this at some point and I'm sure it's not as terrible as people are making it out to be (the internet can never have middle ground, it's either the video game messiah or worse than Hitler) so for this price I'll probably give it a go.