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Chavs seem to use the term a lot, which makes it pretty funny to hear Jeff say it, at least to me.
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Just seemed kind of average to me,  just reminded me a lot of the previous 2 modern warfare campaigns. It wasn't bad and it was an entertaining play through but it wasn't particularly memorable in any way either, at least to me.

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There's already been a few guns shown in the trailers as well as a car chase, no offense to the game but I'm sure at the end of the day it will stick to a lot of the old rockstar sandbox traditions we are familar with.

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I haven't played any Uncharted games yet, I actually wanted to and ordered a copy of the game but received an empty box. Still hopefully I'll get to give it a go eventually.

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@astromanz: If you want to get involved in the video game industry it's probably pretty straight forward to do so, just take a course or try to learn as much about what area you want to get into and go from there. Doubt you'll become an internet celebrity from doing so but you can at least contribute to gaming in some way.
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@MrCellophane:  Yeah seems the reasonable thing to do, out ot those games I've only played a bit of Fallout 3 which I had for the 360 but didn't get round to play much of before trading it for another game (which I regretted) so it makes much more sense in my case.
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I kind of want the bethesda pack, I doubt they'll do another reduction on that considering what you get in it but I'm waiting a few days just in case.

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It would probably be one of my games of the year (though I haven't played much Mass Effect 2 yet so maybe that'll change my mind) I didn't really find any problems with it apart from the combat getting a little bit dull near the end, but everything else about the game was great. I wasn't bothered by the fact that there were collectibles, the pages you found were part of the plot and coffee flasks were hardly intrusive for me at least, you didn't have to pick up either if you didn't want to.

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I'd love a console which could play all the good first party games produced (which is what it sounds like you are trying to say), but we all know the reasons that won't happen and probably wouldn't be that great for us people if it did.

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" @zombie2011 said:

" @TwoOneFive said:

" @zombie2011 said:

" @face15 said:

" @zombie2011: Oh yeah, this demo won't be anything too spectacular. I was just saying that if they are able to show off the game and they still have a year in development imagine how polished and kick ass it's gonna be at release. "
They've probably been focusing on this demo for a while now. I doubt the rest of the game is anywhere near as polished as this demo will be. "
thats the dumbest statement ever. THE GAME ISNT OUT FOR 11 MONTHS. they worked hard the last few weeks on a short demo for late night tv. they have 11 more months to work on the entire game. ITS GOING TO BE MUCH BETTER than this little demo.  "  
How is it dumb to think the demo will be more polished than other parts of the game? You're retarded if you think that the entire game right now is up to the level of polish the demo they show tonight is.  "
no you're retarded for thinking thats what i said.  you. are. a. retard.   in 11 months, this demo will look dated compared to the final product.   which speaks volumes because it looked pretty phenomenal.   "
 Seems you were the one who misunderstood what he originally said, he is saying even though Naughty Dog have a section of the game quite polished they probably haven't got the entire game up to that standard at the moment since they still have quite a few months of development left. Don't be so defensive.