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A lot of those seem pretty reasonable, apart from perhaps the Battlefield 4 one, EA seem to be aligning themselves with the Xbox more than PS4 judging from what we've seen so far. For them to have content exclusivity for CoD and BF4 would surely be quite the appealing prospect for Microsoft (especially considering how FPS focused it's audience can be at times), but I guess we'll find out for sure soon.

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@flipperdesert: I didn't really like the hot dog crust to be honest, mostly due to the hot dog itself being a bit too thick and just not tasting that great (just sort of a plain chunk of meat). Though I more recently have the crust where there's like mini-hot dog bites around the edges and that was surprisingly nice, so your mileage may vary I guess.

I would try a double down but unfortunately it's not available in the UK so I'll have to keep with ridiculious pizza hut crusts instead I realise this post paints a really bad picture of my diet, but I don't drink so I've got to find some way to mess up my health.

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@hermes: Haha, I'd actually didn't finish the original Lords of Shadow myself (lost all the save data for my Xbox games at one point and never got back to it) but I'll give it a look

@and333: @zapato: I have made a couple of pieces of Giant Bomb related stuff in the past, the last thing I did was this flight club MS paint picture, I'd kind of like to do something Spookin' with Scoops related if I can think of anything

@meatball: Thank you

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I never got that far in to Fable 1 despite completing the second game, some sort of annoying glitch occurred while playing it and I lost a lot of progress and never got back to it in the end. It's cool to have a reason to go back to it especially if it's got improved graphics and other tweaks so I may give this a look.

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@cirdain: Spartan Assault had been announced before this leak came out, it was just people didn't really know what it was so it was a pretty safe bet to put it on this list.

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Seeing Prey 2 on that list makes me a little doubtful, especially with all the problems it has been having and how it seems like only recently anyone has started working on it again (apparently it's target release is 2016 if rumours can be trusted)

Additionally as much as I'd like more Banjo Kazooie did Nuts and Bolts have good enough sales to justify putting Rare to work on that rather than say a new Kinect game. Which is another factor that makes me doubtful is that there appears to be a lack of Kinect titles, I guess Spartan Assault could be something Kinect related and Gruntyland could turn out to be a mini-game collection but I would expect a little stronger emphasis on the device in the E3 line-up (I remember reading Ryse wasn't as kinect heavy as it once seemed to be)

Still I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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@deegee: Oh sorry, I didn't see that, though I can't see a dramatic difference if I'm honest, the art looks a little smoother and colours have more sort of hard shading but it's pretty similar. Honestly seeing those I'm a bit disappointed that it didn't have more in common visually with the trailer, looks like more of the same to me at least.

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@deegee: It looks exactly like the original game but not 2 dimensional, if anything the characters in the trailer look slightly more grounded than in the first (though considering what this shows I'm not sure we can take much from this video yet anyway)

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I wouldn't be too surprised, it didn't exactly receive much of a fanfare when it was released, from advertising point of view or a in terms of word of mouth (at least I didn't hear much)

It's one of these situations where I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing, on one hand I have loved Insomniacs' past titles and want them to succeed so they can create more unique and ambitious stuff, but if the sales were through the roof for this game it would encourage them to go forward with more Fuse stuff which just seems pretty bland all round (apart from the odd, interesting weapon ideas)

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Sure, it's always been a game that I thought looked interesting and seems like there would be a lot to explore, I'd play it myself but I don't think I would have the patience.