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@chaser324: I agree that these type of adverts are terrible, if Giant Bomb are that strapped for cash they should remember that there is always money in the banana stand. (Sorry couldn't resist)

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I've wanted to give Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP a try since I saw the quick look on this site so a key to that would be much appreciated, thanks.

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@dixavd said:

The New Xbox, until it has a big enough presence of its own. Then just the Xbox

This basically, I've already had conversations with people and once it's established we are talking about the Xbox One we just end up calling it the Xbox.

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Thanks for using my image, in these troubled times it's good to know that Zobek is only a Y button away. Some great highlights this week it seems (some pretty easy to miss with all the Xbox chatter going on)

I've got to say that animation is pretty amazing, the style just makes it that much funnier (and creepier) must have taken quite some time.

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@themanwithnoplan: Thanks.

@ahaisthisourchance: He's a character from the Castlevania games (well the Lords of Shadows ones at least) Vinny played the 360 one on Unprofessional Fridays and had trouble in one part which kept making the prompt 'Press Y to Call Zobek' appear on the screen. Thus my picture.

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@winternet: Thanks, yeah it's a little sketchy, was trying to do something a little bit different from how I would normally do it (more hard block areas of colour) Still glad you like it.

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I am boycotting all new consoles due to them probably being more expensive than the amount of money I have to spend, currently I am boycotting a lot of things.

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@kishinfoulux: I don't think people were shocked they just weren't interested and when people get bored they tend to make fun of things in my experience. The last few E3s have followed a similar vein to the reveal conference so I can understand why people interested in the game side of things are getting a bit anxious in terms of wanting games for a platform they have enjoyed in the past and aren't particularly comforted by the idea that this next event will provide them with what they've finally been waiting for.

I agree the content of the reveal is probably what people should have expected from the start, but I don't see the harm in having some fun with it and being a bit negative if they want to. Microsoft doesn't really need defending, they just need to hope that those who they were trying to appeal to actually take notice, especially since I'm guessing this isn't going to be a cheap box and there are so many other streaming and media services out there..

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I was pretty underwhelmed in that a lot of the TV/Sports stuff probably won't apply to where I come from, it's cool how quick the console can switch between things but that's not really a selling point to me. The Halo TV series could be a cool idea, though these things often seem to hit bumpy roads (remember the Peter Jackson Halo stuff and the whole Halo movie fiasco) and my love of the Halo franchise has cooled significantly since the third game (though I still enjoy playing their campaigns)

A new remedy game is interesting but that's about the only thing that stood out gamewise and the only reason that caught my attention is my fondness towards Alan Wake. Call of Duty seemed very iterative of the past games with minor touches and some more graphical polish, I don't like racing games and sports games hold no interest for me either.

That being said I'll wait until E3 before I let my opinion get swayed too much to either console in terms of a purchasing decision, though so far the PS4 looks to be more enticing to me personally though I expect the Xbox to have the broader appeal.