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I have looked everywhere for an answer to this and I don't seem to understand or see an answer. I have a skill on my character "Guy" called "Demonic Void" I was able to add 6 Carmine chambers to that skill. Now, I cannot do it for other skills and I can't figure out why =\ I have 3 extra one's and I have used the skill plenty of times. This game is kind of old so sorry for making you think back :D

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I have almost all of the challenges completed in the game but two of them have been a bitch so far and they are the collect 500 and 600 trophies. I got 400+ super fast and easy but now after 6 trophy rushes, 14 classic playthroughs I didn't obtain a single new trophy =\ they were just repeats. I wish you could sell your duplicates. The best way I have found at this point of the game is to spend my gold at the shop. However, I didn't realize at first that if the trophy isn't blacked out then you are buying one you already have >< whoops I bet I spent a shit ton of gold before I noticed that =P. I really want to 100% this game and with only 6 challenges left I might fall short as beating it on classic 9.0 seems impossible for me =\ I can get all the way to Mastercore without a problem but fuck he is hard, best I've done is 7.5.

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@lanechanger: I tried using Diddy on the training mode and I was not able to make his final smash last longer, sounds like a weird bug. The computer has always been useless when they are on my team =\ the only time the AI seems to do anything is on the Earthbound stage but not my partner, I am talking about the alien that helps you fight if you get to hit first. He is annoyingly helpful as he does a lot of damage but every time I am trying to perform a smash he kicks the enemy out of the way lol.

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Whoa whoa, Dr. Mario is a different character. His moves might be the same, his features are pretty much the same but I'll be damned if I have to pick Mario and tab 6 times to get him. Everyone complaining about the extra characters are super silly.

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I'm not surprised and luckily it hasn't been too bad so far for me but I have only played 6 matches. Nintendo has made it clear in the past that they don't think online multiplayer is what we want. I hope this game shows Nintendo that isn't true and they take the feed-back serious about fixing the online issue as I've heard nothing but complaints about it through reviews and friends.

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@oscar__explosion: Hell no, I stopped playing until this dude posted that. I can now finish the game. It's about damn time!

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I need a partner for this. My Xbox live name is Eight Bit Shik. The two achievements I need is to beat one level and the game with a co partner. Sadly, I abuse my girlfriend and make her help me with easy co op achievements and after not obtaining the points for this I found it must done over live.

The game is fairly short as it is only 3 levels and unlimited continues so if you have the game and the free time add me on XBL with Smash TV (GB). Feel free if you read this to add me even if it's not for this just leave out the Smash part. I have room on my list for duders.

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I just saw new achievements pop up! I started checking and boom it's back and has new Texas heats on Tuesday and Saturdays again! I work on Saturdays but going to be playing in the tournaments on Tuesday they added like another 150 points to the game. If you have this or don't have it (get it) and add me on Xbox live if you want Eight Bit Shik!!!!!! I'm stoked :D it was dead for almost a year and half. I guess you can use the Windows live phone too or something I didn't see news on this anywhere. Our Wiki and the other wikis are not updated either so I thought I'd share the news :D

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Oh, that is awesome you didn't know you could download classic Ps1 games on the vita? That and Persona 4 golden was the whole reason I bought it. I finally finished Grandia 1 after 10 years because I was able to play and poop.

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It's not better than D3 ^_~. It's fun though. I am super excited about Reaper of souls so you should probably pick up the next gen versions and see how beautiful it is :D