My Top 15 Most Anticipated Games (15-11)

With the majority of the big guns still far off, as well as others getting pushed back into 2010 and beyond, there are a lot of fantastic games to look forward to. It brings the mind to peace that we won't have another 2007 or 2008 on our hands, where getting 5 or 6 newly released games in one month was a necessity for the hardcore. With that said, the all-star lineup is thick and varied, and the following are the ones I'm most looking forward to, in order. Enjoy! 

15. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 


I'm not entirely sure if the 3D Castlevania series can be saved (or made excellent), but I'm keeping very hopeful on this one because it's being made in conjuction Kojima Productions. I enjoyed Lament of Innocence to a certain extent, but I couldn't help but feel there was much more that could have been done (we don't even talk about curse of darkness). 
The action in this new title looks very good, and reminiscent of God of War in ways, which is definitely not a bad thing. Just give me a lot of old school castlevania enemies, classic music, and memorable environments and I'll be all over this one, Konami. Don't F it up! 

14. Metal Gear Solid: Rising 

This is an interesting one, because NOTHING is known about this, other than the fact it still has Solid in the title, and apparently stars cyborg Raiden (or whoever you think the picture depicts). My thoughts are that this game is a ninja stealth/action game, with the awesomeness that is Metal Gear cinematics and storytelling wrapped within. Considering how breathtaking MGS4 was, if they can give even half as much love to this title during development, we're going to have a game to remember here. 

13. BioShock 2 

Ah yes, Rapture. The first game was captivating and charming, but not without flaws. There are a number of things I'd like to see addressed in the sequel, such as more enjoyable (or no) mini games, and more open endedness, but overall, I'm just interested in seeing where they're going to take the story, and if it's possible to follow up a game without making it feel like a forced continuation. Color me interested, 2K Marin. 

12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 

Hey, I know I like to get down (and severely pissed) at this series, but there's one thing you cannot deny: there is a sheer level of quality packed into each game, and even if you write it off one day, you'll definitely get the urge to pick it up again later. And hey, maybe I suck at the games and I just can't handle it... but one things for sure: I'll be playing this game with my friends this christmas. 

11. Bayonetta


The action of Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden with a sexy female as the main lead. Hey, I'm a man, what can I say. But yeah, the gameplay looks excellent and the combos look insane. Let's just hope it doesn't suffer from serious backtracking like Devil May Cry 4 had.
Stay tuned tomorrow for #10-6.

Quick PSU Update (Pics)

Some of you thought I was crazy or lying when I said I was addicted to Phantasy Star Universe, but it's 100% true. I've been playing all night, every late night since I grabbed the demo and now the full version (with the AOTI expansion pack). I'm not gonna sit here and bore you with lots of details because you probably don't care, so I'll just post you a few pics of my character. Her name is Christie, and she's a level 58 beast arcotecher.   

Sorry about the low quality pics, but it's the best I can do. Here's a rundown of what I have also: 
Whip: Vish Dirigac - Light Element w/ Vivi Danga & Tech-MAG: Delpi w/ Resta/Reversi 
Saber: Apocalypse - Light Element w/ Rising Strike
Pistols: Arb Magana - w/ Rising Shot 
Serafi-Senba - Dark Element 
Head Slot - I THINK Orpa / Mind (Brain fart) 
Body Slot - Freeze / Resist 
Arm Slot - Cati / Power 
Extra Slot - Dark Wing   
Just thought I'd update you guys on my addiction. Peace.

Unexpected addiction

So the other night, me and some friends on Xbox Live got really bored and started downloading a bunch of random demos on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The TimeShift multiplayer demo (PUKE), Juiced 2 multiplayer demo (eh...), and others including surprisingly still online Phantasy Star Universe beta demo. Now, I've downloaded this demo already a long while back, but I'll admit that I had NO clue what was going on, and it took me like an hour to find out where the missions were at, and when I did, I died immediately (was a high level dungeon lol). I got a couple of friends to join me this time, so I figure, hey, I'll try to figure it out and give it a fair shot... and became extremely addicted. Now let me tell you, the demo is very lean on content (both mission wise and customization options, among other things), but.... I dunno, it just became extremely addicting the more I played on.

Also, in my history, the online RPGs I've gotten into have ALL been about real-time combat ie Dungeons & Dragons Online, and Age of Conan. That's what Phantasy Star Universe is, and I nestled into its gameplay very much so. At first it can seem especially simplistic, but the farther you go into the missions included, you'll find there are many enemies that you need to keep on your toes to dodge and such, as well as some pretty awesome looking and fun to fight bosses that will kick your face in if you aren't extremely careful. I also became extremely addicted to synthesizing (crafting) items, and buying cool looking clothing. I will say that the game has a definite steep learning curve about how to do things in its world, at least in this demo, but after you figure it out, its really cool.

Needless to say, I'll be picking up the full version very soon (hopefully in the upcoming week). I'm going to have to purchase it used at one of the local gamestops because it isn't printed anymore, but I don't really care too much, as I'll be definitely installing ASAP so I won't have to worry about the disc getting errors.

Guess that's all there is to report at the moment.

A text blog. Like woah, dude.. trippy!

(Hey, I couldn't think of a blog title!)

I was thinking earlier about how crazy 2009 is for gaming. It seems the meat of the great games, at least the ones I personally wanted, have already come out and it's only July. Then there's a good deal of them which got delayed (such as BioShock 2) or are inevitably going to be (StarCraft II).

The cool thing about this year in gaming for me though is undoubtedly the fact that every game I've purchased this year has been excellent. Here's the short list of new release games I've picked up this year so far:

Uno Rush
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (Yes, I count it as a new game.)
Street Fighter IV
Resident Evil 5
Bionic Commando
Battlefield 1943

While a short list of games, I've had tons of fun with the games listed above, especially the unexpectedly insanely awesome Battlefield 1943.

So what am I looking forward to for the rest of the year? Not much, honestly. I browsed through the list of upcoming 2009 games listed on Giant Bomb and I came up with the following:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (everyone's going to be playing this)
Shadow Complex (Looks like Uncharted meets Super Metroid. Interesting.)

Left 4 Dead 2 (The original game was great fun for a while, but hasn't grabbed my attention in a while. We'll see.)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (looks leaps and bounds better than the original game, so I'll probably give it a shot if I can.)

Reduced price maybes/rentals/late purchases:
Red Faction Guerrila (No idea why, but I want to try it.)
Prototype (Looks iffy but could be fun.)
Madballs BABO: Invasion (Never thought twice about even giving this game a chance, but I did, and it's really fun.)
It's been an interesting year so far, I must say, but there's a shockingly small amount of games to look forward to in the holiday season this year that interest me. How about you, is there a lot you want to pick up?

S rank!

After getting the original 1000 points for Resident Evil 5 months ago, the Versus DLC came out and I just never got around to finishing the last couple achievements in it... that is until last night! Thanks Arcavial and Wesker for helping me out on these, as well as providing some good fun playing with both of you in general.


Argh, which game do I get?! (fighters)

I want to get another fighting game. I've been rocking SF4 since its release, but I need something to switch off with.

I've been watching videos from the ArcadeInfinity YouTube page, seeing what's what and how a good match looks, and they're both pretty even in my eyes. I wish I could magically be able to get both, but that isn't going to happen.... so hmm. I'll embed a video from each that I really enjoy, so you guys have something to go off of, especially if you haven't been following them.

King of Fighters XII:


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


I have played KoF games in the past, which are all pretty decent, just I've never gotten hugely into them, but I do respect them. Seems pretty close to Street Fighter in the terms of general gameplay and mechanics, so seems like it would be easy to settle into, but then again, maybe it would be TOO familiar and not give me enough variety. BlazBlue looks like it borrows heavily from the guilty gear games, but goes more in a darkstalkers direction which I do enjoy. Seems like it would definitely be a night and day change from SF and might give me the variety I hunger for, but it could be a gamble because I have no idea if the gameplay will suit my style, as I've never played Guilty Gear for more than a few minutes. HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm..................

My thoughts on Combos

I like the ones that come in a cracker shell rather than the pretzel ones, as I'm not real big on pretzels in general. The cheddar cheese ones pictured above are my favorite kind, but I can eat most any kind. They are a great snack. If you don't like Combos you are just dumb, end of story.