New Halo 3 Map - Lion's Den

Hey guys.

Yeah, sorry if I startled you and you thought this was going to be about a brand new map that Bungie made, but it is a brand new map... that I made. I like to dabble in Forge every now and then, and with the new Mythic map pack having the mecca of Forge maps, Sandbox, I thought I'd put together something cool. First thing I did was wipe every single object from the map, then I build it all from the ground up myself in one night. It's a multi-level chaotic.... well, let me just show you instead of telling you all about it... check it out in the video!


If you want to try it out for yourself, you can go on over to my file share and download it to your 360. Just click here:

Let me know what you think.

Whoops. XBL Gold ran out...

Last night I was in a party with a couple of friends, enjoying myself some Halo 3 action, when the game gave me a message that I was not eligible for online gameplay or something.

I quit to dashboard, and it logged me off live. Upon re-login, I was told I had been reverted to Silver. Bummer

I'm hopefully going to be able to renew it soon, but until then I made a new Xbox Live gamertag to utilize the free one month of gold they give you with it. It's a rather dopey name, I won't lie. Ok, REALLY dopey, but I sat there for a long time trying to come up with a name that would even be somewhat presentable and came up with nada. So I settled with.... Crysis Fanatic

Feel free to add me up I guess, but I won't be using the name for long. Need my Halo 3 fix!

My top ten most anticipated as of now

I'm saving my excitement for some games until I see some actual gameplay or hear more details on them, such as Metal Gear Solid Rising.
10. BioShock 2
9. Left 4 Dead 2
8. Halo 3 ODST
7. Diablo III
6. Crackdown 2
5. Brutal Legend
4. Final Fantasy XIII
3. StarCraft II
2. The Last Guardian
1. Crysis 2

Things I want to see at E3

Crysis for 360

MGS4 for 360
New unexpected games that shock and awe
PS3 price drop
The Nintendo lady make more lolz than last year
Ken Kutaragi speaking for sony again, again for lolz
Nintendo's biggest announcement being something the same caliber as Wii Music



Forgot how awesome Crackdown is.

Just got ahold of a copy of the game on saturday (thanks Wesker!), which has been just plain awesome. I never originally wanted to sell the game when I owned it before in the first place, but I needed to come up with some money in order to get a new PS3 when it broke on me (they didn't sell 20gb models anymore, so I needed 100 more dollars to upgrade to a 60 off my warranty). Getting into it again recently, cooping with Wesker himself, and Lordofultima, has been an absolute blast.

In a lot of ways, this game smokes GTA4 and any other open world game with the sheer amount of fun you have just messing around coupled with the collecting of the orbs and leveling up your guy. I'm not saying it's better than GTA4 (because it's not), but damn, how the hours and hours just FLY when you're playing that game. As my buddy Denis would say "I can't put the crack down."

The DLC for that game is so worth the money too, BTW. I bought that a long time ago, and have never regretted it. The vehicles are SICK. Especially the tank type thing you get that lets you fire infinite rockets a nonstop barrage at any time by pressing left bumper. Oh, and having a 100 ammo rocket launcher as well is really nice (although admittedly not as user friendly as the firefly that you get in the standard game).

If you don't have the game yet and have a 360, you would be crazy not to pick it up right now. It's currently TEN dollars new on NewEgg:

Check you later dudes!

Me kickin' ass in Bionic Commando

Thought I'd record myself playing the demo some more, in a non lag encrusted server, with a decent score. Hit the HQ button to see it in high quality!

(Note: The video was processing when I posted this, but I thought I'd embed it in a blog before I went to bed, so you may need to give it some time.)