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I'm Not Disenjoying It
 There's the link above. (^_^) This week, we discussed kids playing violent games, the PSP 2, etc.


Mario 2 Theme in Sitcom

So I've been watching through the past seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and last night discovered something very interesting (to me, anyway). The crazy thing is, I can't find any reference to this on the internets... am I the first to notice this??
In episode 19 of season 5, the sequences in which Marshall is mugged feature the theme from the first level of Super Mario Bros. 2! It's sped up and played on a piano.  It's not exactly it in this clip, but they play more of the song in other clips. This was the only one I could find. Check out the full episode to hear it.

I just found the video of it on the Youtubes! (By the way, I'm marinebiobry in case you thought I figured it out from the video comments).

PS3: It Only Does Everything*

*Except play PS2 games....and some blu-ray discs for no apparent reason (mine, anyway).
Really, how do they get away with a slogan like that? It only does everything...except one of the basic functions that previous consoles have had. 
It's a blatant lie because for gamers, it's so obvious what the PS3 doesn't do.
NOTE: This is a light-hearted, joking sort of thing. Don't take it seriously. Come on, guys. No one's trying to attack your favorite thing in the whole wide world. (^_^)



Is anyone else playing this game? It's the most beautiful MMORPG I've ever seen, but it's chock full of bits that are difficult to handle. Like dying a whole lot. Or facing an enemy that has the same level as you but is 800x more powerful. I suppose the two things are related. I need some backup to defeat this damned slime creature in Verteron. Someone help!