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#1 Posted by Eijikun (62 posts) -

They just going to keep adding system names to the end of game titles? Next will be Star Fox 64 3DS WiiU.

#2 Posted by Eijikun (62 posts) -

Oh, and not using disc drives because they "make games, not movies."

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Nintendo was right about online gaming, too. ;)

#4 Posted by Eijikun (62 posts) -

Patrick seems to like to be politically correct. But let's face facts: if you're substituting the real world with any virtual world, then you've got real problems from which you're running away. 
Also, Patrick said: "Imagine what it's like when your favorite place on the internet disappears...." So what? Move on. Life isn't about entertainment and the internet. And if it is for you, then find a new way for yourself. Is it a full life to just be entertained and then you die?

#5 Posted by Eijikun (62 posts) -

I'm no lawyer, but I don't think getting a job will keep you from going to jail. But if I'm wrong....Casey Anthony, Hooters is hiring! If a job she can get, you must acquit!

#6 Posted by Eijikun (62 posts) -

May not support more than one controller at once?
I've waited a long time for something reminiscent of the VMU to return to gaming, and I hoped the WiiU could deliver on some of the promise of the Dreamcast's screen-in-control concept. Well, it may deliver on some of that promise, I guess. Sigh.

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#8 Posted by Eijikun (62 posts) -

Predictable. Sigh.

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"A consistent source of criticism"? Really?

Are all games now expected to feature homosexuality as a matter of course? If so, why? No, listen. Why?

#10 Posted by Eijikun (62 posts) -

Yet another buzzed-headed hero. Lazy character design gets another vote!

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