Too Awesome

Best demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace? Bioshock? Call Of Duty 2? Dead Rising? Conan?.... For all of about a year I thought it was Bioshock. Now It's almost definitely set in stone that Too Human is without a doubt the best demo on the XBLM, and I haven't even cheated the demo into letting me play all the classes yet.

I obviously started the demo choosing the Champion class, the Baldur of all trades class. Which is probably a good one to pick before you start to mug the game of its other classes. As you'd expect the Champion has average health, melee skills and ranged skills. What I can remember of looking at all the classes there's also another skill that's basically you're 'powers' (*cough* Biotics *cough*). Surprisingly he's pretty average in that too.

Two things confused me when I first started playing though. Who my character actually was and the actual controls. Thankfully I got these sorted out, and even though I was still discovering the controls near the end of the demo (which lasts an awfully long time for a demo, no complaints), they seemed to work pretty well. Bar the camera. I really think setting the right analogue stick as your melee weapons wasn't a good idea, It would've worked just as well assigning a button to hit and aiming in the direction you want to hit. It reminded me of the Harry Potter games, annoying. Although saying that, I don't have anymore complaints about this game.

The fighting is extremely fun, like a toned down Devil May Cry. Which isn't a bad thing. My teammates didn't look like they were helping very much, but I supposes that  would make room  for the coop play in the real game. It still remained complete fun killing bad guys by the end of the demo, as there was constant upgrades throughout it. It might be like Bioshock in adding to the demo, but I'm guessing it would be fun anyway.

All in all a pretty freakin' sweet demo.I'm not particularly  all that fussed on the story, but for once I don't think it matters that much to me. I can't wait for it and it's two sequels to be released.