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@soren: Yeah, for some reason now I'm getting notifications when friends post new lists, so I saw it instantly. I need to check out Attack of the Friday Monsters. Maybe now that I finally have the $30 credit.

How much is the total for IV's grinding DLC + all the special battle ones so far?

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bwahaha, the Soul Hackers blurb

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@neoepoch: But angels generally do look like humans. Whether or not they can empathize with humans is beside the point here.

"Generally do look like humans..." to who? I don't recall many instances of what angels actually look like aside from multiple faces and wings and burning swords. There may be thousands of years of angelic imagery but those are also artist interpretations based on the thought that angels should be relate-able to people if they serve as guides and the Lord's voice and all that other stuff.

To believers. Not all the angels are humanoid, sure, such as the Ophanim. The actual question "what do angels really look like?" is the stuff of philosophy. Shin Megami Tensei doesn't aim to answer that question. Instead, its MO when portraying various mythological figures is from the perspective of those believers, so thus the thousands of years of art are the prime sources. Check the Michael page for what's very obviously the inspiration for his original SMT design, taken from a traditional depiction on a church. This unbiased viewpoint is a strength of SMT's design aesthetic and gives it a focus with unique results in a sea of games that cull from the same mythological sources. Put the new archangel designs in a Final Fantasy game and they'd fit right in, but you could very rarely do the reverse.

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@neoepoch: But angels generally do look like humans. Whether or not they can empathize with humans is beside the point here.

Though I have to apologize, I didn't intend to judge your own response as a cop out, but it's one I've seen pop up a lot in a way to justify these new designs, and one I think is a really weak argument in light of hundreds and hundreds of years of angelic imagery in Western art.

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Sweet, some comments on this thing now that it's been front-paged!

@believer258: It was a minority of fans who voiced concern over the new designs, but they were particularly loud, myself definitely included.

The thing is, the Shin Megami Tensei design aesthetic is about more than just being cool, and the demon profiles (which seem to be getting a lot of attention now but have been in every game since Nocturne) are only one side of what they represent. That there were already tons of awesome designs that do look cool and also pay respect to their respective myths is just credit to how talented and well-read Kaneko is.

Check out this short tumblr conversation about the demon Tlazolteotl to understand how important a demon's look's can be. Most people will look at it and see a woman emerging out of a toilet and just think "lol, that's weird/cool" and that's fine. But since she's a goddess who consumes impurities, that choice of using the toilet in the design has meaning. Meaning to what the demons represent is absent in a lot of the new designs, and that's where the problem lies to fans such as myself.

And to answer to @neoepoch's related response, it's such a cop-out answer to say that these things are incomprehensible to the human mind and as such that gives carte blanche to whatever. Another Shin Megami Tensei trait is that it recognizes that humans have been depicting such figures as angels and demons for centuries and largely hews close to those depictions. This is another reason why fans were upset, as many of the designs throw this out the window, such as Asmodeus, who is traditionally depicted like this. Shin Megami Tensei is not Final Fantasy, where it gives original interpretations of its summons within its own world, rather, as stated above, it recognizes what the demons meant to their original believers and interprets them through their own lenses.

Onto the others, @wchigo, if you want to branch out into other Megami Tensei games, this is definitely the most recommended to do so. Just know that the game has a particularly nasty difficulty spike at the very beginning, but it only gets more manageable from there.

@vessel28, yes, they are spoiler-free. I already mentioned in the review but didn't link the two together, but enemy encounters are really annoying in NG+ because they still will stalk you even though they are level 7 to your own 99. There's also some issues with certain quests being only available under really strict conditions and some other minor stuff that may or may not annoy you, but that's just the thing--it's minor stuff. NG+ is pretty robust otherwise, offering full carryover of your levels, demon compendium (not your party), and equipment/items. Playing through the game again is also rather breezy, it just has a few missteps as noted above.

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Man, this must give YHVH some serious cramps.
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I want Persona 5!


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Looks interesting...

My only SMT contact is the Persona series (as is with many, I assume), so all the main SMT entries seem weirdly 'emo', whatever that means these days. The strangely European wardrobe the design, the more realistic or adult demon designs, everything screams 'hard-core'. However, there's probably a reason they've been making them so long - because they're good. The recent SMT titles and the Persona titles have had some ties to the modern world - I wonder how another take on the 1500's in a foreign universe will go over.

Wait, SMT is emo compared to Persona? :p

Also, most of the gameplay takes place in modern, post-some-kind-of-destruction Tokyo, so the 1492 thing is little more than a ruse. Undoubtedly there is purpose behind that though.