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My ears are ready for a new Guilty Gear soundtrack.

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Apparently technical problems have been keeping P4 and other Atlus games built on similar engines (Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga) from being re-released on PSN.

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Super Manitou should be renamed simply to Manitou, with Super Manitou remaining as an alias, reflecting its recent English localization.

This request was missed!

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The other good news is that Shoji Meguro did music for SMT Strange Journey (the previous installment in the main SMT franchise) and the music actually wasn't particularly remarkable. It was certainly functional and unique, but it's nothing I imagine anyone ever listens to outside the game. So having someone else on the SMT IV job is not a bad thing.

man, I am listening to Strange Journey's OST right this second. :p

And Kozuka is totally dope. There's nothing to worry about. I bet he eventually eclipses Meguro himself.

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@snail: Well, this all happened shortly after the site relaunch, so I can't remember exactly. I believe it took a week or more, though.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Yeah, he's in there. He is part of the rarer Hero race (and only level 39 so he wouldn't have shown up in a final party), so that may have been part of why you missed him.

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Yep, same thing happened to me, with pages such as here (had over 700) and here (definitely had over 3300), just to name a few. However, this happened before and got fixed, so I'm confident all will be dandy as soon as someone gets a chance.

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Congrats Dave, good luck! You will be missed.

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@kankohii: Finally having a chance to watch this, it's good! I thought you meant it was a translation, but you created an original synopsis. Nice job.