Top Ten Genital Demons in Shin Megami Tensei

Kazuma Kaneko.
Kazuma Kaneko.

Kazuma Kaneko, the main artist behind the Megami Tensei franchise, is known for his unique and often provocative designs for the literally hundreds of gods and creatures the series has seen over the years.

Most infamously, he bears no shame in illustrating a particular demon to resemble what are normally taboo items in video games: people’s naughty bits. And it’s as it should be, since world mythology in general is often highly sexualized with explicit iconography.

But amongst the many fertility gods and goddesses and other nymphomaniacs the series has seen, ten designs in particular best exemplify Kaneko’s skill at highlighting the imagery that merely represents our own thoughts and desires.

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Posted by Hailinel

This is easily one of the most entertaining lists on Giant Bomb.  I can just imagine having Mara and Arioch in my active battle party in Devil Summoner 2, and frankly the mental image would be scarring if I hadn't already been cut so deep.

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Posted by Sanj

Holy crap, some of those creatures are insane LMAO.
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Posted by JackiJinx

I approve.

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Yeah, I took one look at Mara and I was like...  am I seeing this?
Then I looked up the actual mythological history behind it and...  yep, it's a penis. 

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Posted by zameer

I can't tell which is scarier: Kaneko's artistic sensibilities, or you taking the time to compile this..

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Posted by mithical

I can't believe Vinny and Jeff didn't react to Mara when they fused him in the P4 Endurance Run. They always joke about what the Personas look like when they fuse them, too. That would have been comic gold.

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Posted by Catolf

Greatest List, ever.

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Posted by Paulrus

I have nothing to say. So I'll just recommend your list and be on my merry way. Good work.

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Edited by Soren

This is amazing.

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Posted by Bigheart711
...But seriously, looking at Mara for the first time, I cried out in my mind, "They allowed this!?"
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Posted by Eirikr
@Bigheart711: The 90's, man -- people were into all kinds of shit back then.
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Posted by Zaxex

The bit that surprises me is how blatant these all are. I expected way more subtlety or interpretation, but nope. There's a monster with a penis on his head, deal with it.

As disturbing as some of these are they could make for interesting monsters in a Silent Hill-esque game.

I recently read a manga which had a monster with boobs on the cover, with nipples. I was like "There's no way they sell this in the UK with nipples on the cover" and they don't, for better or for worse.

I don't see a problem with it when appropriate, squeamishness needn't be an issue with artistic freedom; bring on more freaky shit in video games!