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@von: WORD. First thing I did upon seeing this out for XBLA today to remember the name (Exile!) was Bing 'Capsized amiga game'.

The second thing is did was search for 'Capsized Amiga game' on Google, which led me here. Looks totally inspired by that classic!

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So funny how much we ragged on blades back in the day...it's a beautiful dream compared to the ad-filled experience we have now.

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There are ads. Everywhere. They scroll on a carousel so there are more ads on each page. On each page there are between 5 and 8 tiles. On pages with 5 tiles (including 'home'), 3 are ads, including the large central carousel. On 'video', there are 7 tiles. 4 are ads and 1 is MS-created video content, Inside Xbox. On each page, only the tiles along the far left side of the screen provide user functionality. The rest are adverts. I am sad as nearly none of these ads are (currently) promoting great offers, obscure Indie games or uncovering unique Live content. Instead they are for Gears 3, Skyrim, Halo, Kinect Disneyland, Kung Fu Panda 2 and MW3. Instead I am told I can buy Green Lantern for 1770 points. Please, Microsoft, you could use these for GOOD.

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Seems like EVERYONE is biting GB's style...how many Skyrim streams will there be tomorrow? Eleventy billion? Well, there's only one with the best team going...

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Make a US account, buy that shizzle with PayPal monies, then login with UK account. Shazam! In your face, copyright law!

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@SuperJoe: You are also made of win.

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@S0ndor: You ARE made of win.

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Oh BEP...you used to mock this EXACT thing...what happened to you? http://www.muzu.tv/gb/blackeyedpeas/bep-empire-music-video/215618/

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Feel like getting Balls of Steel edition, just to put a coda on this whole affair. To release this game at all, they DESERVE my money. Bravo, Randy Pitchford.

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@BenKweller57 But now we can download it too...welcome to the glistening future!

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