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I tried 2v2s against real people for the first time tonight, and so far it's really fun! My favourite characters so far are Taya and Shifu. I hope GB does a Quick Look. My steam id is EkajArmstro if anyone wants to add me but I'm probably not that good :P

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I know this is a long shot, but if anyone happens to have the archive of this that would be amazing. I couldn't find anything after looking for like 30 minutes. Curse you justin.tv! Well at least the youtube video is still great by itself.

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This game looks kinda cool judging from the Steam page but I can't find any legitimate information about it. Worried that it might be on the same quality level as Ashes Cricket.

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I'm trying to get back into the multiplayer like I was in WoL but so far I just can't :( The game seems even more punishing than it was before and it was already pretty punishing.

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Yea I got fightcade to play street fighter, but as soon as I noticed Windjammers was on there I played that a bunch online with my friends (and a few French people) as well. It does suck when you think you score and then the netcode rolls back and you aren't ready for the return, but it's still pretty amazing how well it works over the internet.

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People who purposefully de-rank their account or play on a secondary lower-ranked account so they can stomp people who they are better than rather than playing in balanced games.

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So far Hotline Miami 2 is my game of the year.

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Hey everyone! I just bought a used PS3 mainly to play console fighting games (I was using a PS3 fightstick on PC) and I'm wondering what other games people would recommend to me that are not on pc. I'm most interested in multiplayer games that are still active but all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

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I absolutely cannot find any online games anymore even though I used to be able to fairly easily. I can't tell if it's because of my NAT or it's just that almost no one is playing anymore. People hated on this game because it was missing a bunch of modes, but the actual online 1 vs 1 was fantastic and better than ever when it worked.

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I only picked up Street Fighter 4 in 2013 (I previously only played Mortal Kombat games), but in not too long of a time I've learned A LOT and it's now pretty much my favorite game and Ryu is by far my favorite character. If you like Ryu he is a VERY good character to play to learn the game with. If you want to play some games for fun/to learn you can add EkajArmstro on Steam. I think I have all the other games you mentioned as well, but USF4 is my favorite. I also really like KOF13 but I find it incredibly hard to find matches without absolutely terrible connections.

One of the most important things is to practice anti-airs. With Ryu you want to use either crouching hard punch, standing hard kick (longest range of the 3), or MP Shoryuken (because it has more invincibility than LP or HP). Crouching hard punch is your best bet to start because it's faster than the other options (shoryuken is the fastest startup, but you have to input a way more complicated motion so if you're just starting you often won't have enough time to react, especially when playing online). Basically just try to crouching hard punch them every single time they jump at you (although you do have to be a little careful throwing out crouching hard punch because if they are on the ground it's unsafe unless you cancel it into something). If they are using dive kicks you probably have to antiair with something even faster like a light or medium punch.

At long range your are pretty safe to just chuck fireballs against most characters unless they have something that goes through them (like some ultras). Throwing midrange fireballs is a very good thing to do as Ryu as well, but you have to be a lot less predictable and more careful because if they guess/random jump over the fireball they can full punish you. This is why anti-airing is so imporant -- if they aren't afraid of jumping at you then your fireballs aren't very good anymore.

As far as combos go your most important one is crouching medium kick -> hard fireball. It's usually safe on block so you can just throw it out very often and even if they block you get chip damage and you'll hit them out of a lot of their moves as well. You do have to be careful of dive kicks or other moves that go over the crouching medium kick though. You can also extend/finish a combo that starts with a crouching light or medium punch with this combo. It's a 1-frame link from LP or MP to MK (hard to do), but even if mess it up you are likely safe and still do chip damage so it's not the worst thing in the world.

At close range you'll often land multiple crouching light attacks in a row, and if you are close enough and react to them not blocking you can link a HP Shoryuken after the lights. At high level play most people probably won't use that combo (they'll link into a hard punch somewhere or sweep likely) but this one has the advantage of being pretty easy to do online. It's more important that you get guaranteed damage especially as a beginner rather than dropping complicated combos and not only losing the damage but also likely getting punished back.

Punishing people is very important. Some things are obviously unsafe (like blocked shoryukens) but it helps to learn other things people try to spam online that actually aren't safe. At close range as Ryu you can use crouching hard punch -> HP Shoryuken, or just mash the Shoryuken if you don't have much time to punish so the reversal HP Shoryuken will always hit anything that is -3 or more negative frames on block. At longer ranges you can use Ryu's sweep as it is also very fast (5 frames).

Good luck I hope you have fun!